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031 Pull your punches

YC: Patrick, what are you doing? P I'm playing Kung Fu video games Y Kung fu电动游戏多没劲,Let me teach you some real Kung fu moves. P: You know Yang Chen, I think Kung fu may be the only sport where you have the upper hand on me. Y: 在Kung Fu master面前,你是不是害怕了? P: I am not scarred. Y: Yes, you are. P: Look, I have lots of experience playing Kung fu video games by myself at home. Y: Only losers play Kung fu video games by themselves at home P: Wow, you really don't pull your punches, do you? Y: What do you mean, pull my punches? P: When you pull your punches, that means you hit someone only lightly so you don't actually hurt them. Y: Oh, you mean手下留情。Don't worry. P: Aw, that is what I was afraid of. P: That's what I was afraid of. You know, you can use "pull your punches" when you're talking about criticizing people too. For example, I didn't pull any punches when I criticized my boss's new plan to reduce everyone's salary. Y: Oh, 你敢批评老板? 而且还didn't pull any punches 。勇气可嘉。But I'm worried about you. Do you still have a job? P: Nope. He got mad and fired me. That's why I'm trying to become a professional Kung fu master for my new career. Y: Well, 学点儿功夫也好。你可以教训一下你的老板。Maybe he'll hire you back. P: Yeah, that's the plan. Y: That's a good plan. P: Well, let me show you some of the Kung Fu moves I have learned from watching Bruce Lee movies. That's the worst Kung fu I've ever seen. P: I can see you're not pulling your punches when you make fun of me! Y Hey, don't feel bad, at least you can scream even better than Bruce Lee.