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029 The Art of War in Basketball

Y: Patrick, 你也会看书啊?What are you reading? P: Always funny, Yang Chen. I'm trying to read the Art of War. I am trying to understand it. Y: The Art of War, 孙子兵法? Why? P: You know, Yang Chen, you can apply the Art of War to a lot of things. Some people use the Art of War strategy when they play sports. Y 把孙子兵法用在体育策略上? Hey, do a lot of people in America know about 孙子兵法? P Not everyone. They said that the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, has a copy of The Art of War and he teaches his players some of its strategies. Yang Chen, you know who the Lakers are, right? Y: Of course, I know the Lakers,湖人队。 P: I am sorry, so as I was saying, Yang Chen, the head coach of the Lakers, he applies The Art of War to basketball. Y: Patrick, 我也懂孙子兵法,do you think I should apply for a coaching job in the NBA? P: OK, first of all, I thought you didn't know anything about baseball. Now it looks like you don't know much about basketball either. Y: Hey, according to孙子兵法... P: Oh, don't underestimate Yang Chen. Y: That's right. P: How about we play some basketball to see if the Art of War really works in a basketball game? Y: OK. 3 pointers! 进球! 三分球! P I see you are indeed a master ... Y: Of what..? P: You are the master in the art of cheating.
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