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026 Getting in Shape

Y: Patrick, I can't run anymore. P: Yang, Chen, we've only run a half mile. We have four and a half miles to go before we finish! Y: What? 还有4个半英里? P: I wonder why are you so tired. What did you do last night. Shopping again? Y: Yeh, Macy's had a great sale.又大降价。 P: But that still doesn't explain your terrible performance today, Yang Chen. Llet me ask you some questions. Did you stretch before the race? Y: No. P: Did you have a meal with plenty of carbohydrates? Y: 我不但没有吃碳水化合物,I didn't eat anything。 P: I can't believe this. OK, so, did you have any water or sports drinks before the race? Y: Yeh, coffee. P: You did everything wrong. Everything. First of all, your body needs carbohydrates (carbs) for the energy that you will use to run. Y: 下次跑步之前先补充carbs,吃块面包。 P: OK, and also, you drank the WRONG liquid, Yang Chen. Y Why? P Your body needs to be hydrated H-Y-D-R-A-T-E-D - meaning having enough water Y: 保持水分。 P: Coffee is a diuretic D-I-U-R-E-T-I-C, so it actually makes you Dehydrated, which means you don't have enough water in your body. Y: Patrick, I'm not going to quit today, 前进! P: Let's stop today.You are totally dehydrated! And how many cups of coffee did you have? Y: I had five! P: I think it is time to go to hospital, Yang Chen, 救护车。