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025 On the mark

Y 大家好,我是杨晨。 P 我是Patrick。 Y & P 今天我们... Y Patrick,你不要跟我抢着说话,这是犯规。要是赛跑你这就是抢跑,false start! P I apologize. In track and field, if an athlete committed two false starts, he/she will be disqualified. Y 两次false starts,就要被罚下场。 P 刚才你也是false starts为什么只有我道歉? Y Well, let's move on, shall we? P OK, anyway, today we are going to talk about sprinting events. Y Sprinting events是田径比赛中的短跑项目。我们先来讲起跑。在起跑线,我们会听到发令员喊 “各就位” P On your mark, Y 预备 P get set, Y 没有发令枪就喊“跑” P :Go! Y: 正式比赛当然都用发令枪了。 P :A starting gun is used in official track meets. Y 起跑对短跑运动员很重要。 P:A runner's start is crucial, especially for sprinting events like the 100-m dash. You need to react to the gun fast, but not too fast; otherwise you will commit a false start. Y 枪响了要迅速冲出去,但起跑太快,据说快于0.1秒就是抢跑了。你看,我懂得很多吧。信不信我跑得比你快。 P 不相信。 Y 那我们出去比一比!Lets race. P OK. Lets race and see what happens. Announcer: On your mark, get set, go... Y: I win, I win!!! P: No, you didn't, you cheated! False start.