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021 Fencing

P: This music reminds me of pirate movies like 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'. Why are you listening to that? Y: Because I like sword fighting. Do you like it? P: It's hard to say, Yang Chen. I guess I don't have anything against swords, but it seems a bit strange. Why do you ask? Y: Because I want to try fencing! 击剑! P: Fencing is the official name for competitive and Olympic sword fighting. But isn't fencing kind of dangerous, Yang Chen? And what ever happened to being a professional weightlifter? Y: 我什么时候说过我要练举重吗? P: Just a few days ago. Y: I don't remember it. But anyway. Fencing can be dangerous, but we are going to be very careful and wear protective gear,防护服,从头到脚都要包起来。 P: I feel a little better knowing we are wearing masks, gloves and other protective gear that covers us from head to toe. Y: 这是你的剑, Patrick. P: Cool! This is the foil F-O-I-L. This foil looks like a real sword, but it doesn't have a sharp end. Y: That's right. Foil 叫做钝头剑, 是用来练习的。如果我击中你,你不会受伤! P: Ouch! Y: Oh, don't be a wimp, Patrick. P: It didn't hurt. It just surprised me, that's all. All right. Now that we have our protective gear on and our foils. Y. En Garde! P: Whoa, whoa, whoa.Yang Chen, I'm not ready. I don't even know how to fence! Y: I don't either. P: Then why are we here? Y: Because I think fencing is cool. 你不觉得击剑很帅吗? P: Yang Chen, that 's not a good reason to go into fencing . Y: It's not? But I want to learn it, 我要学会击剑,和坏人斗争,我要拯救世界! P: Save the world. Be a pirate.