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019 Ski Jumping

Y: Aren't the Rocky Mountains beautiful, Patrick? 多么壮观的洛基山脉!啊!I'm so glad you agreed to go skiing with me. P: Uhhh..Yeah, the Rocky Mountains are beautiful, Yang Chen. But I guess when you asked me to go skiing with you, I didn't realize you meant to go ski jumping. Y: Of course, we are going ski jumping. 高台滑雪。多刺激啊。Say, Patrick, 你脸色发绿. Are you feeling okay? P: Actually, Yang Chen, I look green because I'm afraid of heights. And right now I'm feeling a little sick. Y: 你有恐高症啊!Well, think about it this way, once you slide down the take-off ramp and make your jump─you will be at the bottom. P: I have to ski down there? Y: Yup. There's only one way to learn, Patrick. Here let me give you a little push. P: No, Yang Chen, wait. Don't push me. Y: 跳啊,多么篮的天,快点儿跳。跳下去你就会融入蓝天。。。 P: I have no idea what you are talking about, it sounds like some kind of cheesy Japanese movie. Y. All I'm saying is "Jump"! P: .Nooooooooooooooo à à.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. (Thudding sound) Y: (Calling down the ramp). Are you OK, Patrick? P: (Weakly, calling back) Yeah, I'm okay. I'm glad I'm still alive. Y: Good, it's my turn next. 该我跳了。You better get out of my way. P: (Calling up) Okay, I'm out of the way. It's all clear. You can jump now, Yang Chen. Y: Okay! Here I go! Yeeeeee-haaaawwwww! (Sound of sliding down a ramp, landing). P: Wow, Yang Chen. That was a great jump! And a perfect landing, too. Y: I love ski jumping! Here I go again. Yeeeeee-haaaawwwww!