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016 The Most Popular Olympic Sports

Y: 我们今天谈谈奥运会最受欢迎的比赛项目。Patrick, what is your favorite Olympic sport? P: Synchronized swimming. Y: 花样游泳?Be serious! Patrick. P: OK, Madam. I'll be serious. Which sport do you think is the most fun to watch? Y: Swimming. 当然是游泳了。特别是那些游泳运动员,他们的身材多棒,我最喜欢Michael Phelps了。He is so handsome! P: Yang Chen, Yang Chen, don't get carried away. We are here to talk about swimming, the sport of swimming, not the hot, toned body of Olympic swimmers. Y: You're right. Let's talk about swimming. 人们喜欢游泳比赛是因为比赛非常精彩,金牌数目多,当然还有运动员身材好! P: Yang Chen! Y: OK. 游泳分蛙泳: P: Breast stroke is the type of swimming where you swim like a frog. Y: Lets move on to蝶泳。 P: In the butterfly, you swim with both arms moving simultaneously. Y: 背朝下的游泳姿势就是仰泳: P: Backstroke. It is also the only swimming event that starts in the water. Y: 最后是自由泳: P: Freestyle is the fastest form of swimming. Y: 自由泳是速度最快的。 P: Yang Chen, which style are you good at? Y: Let me see. Dog paddle! P: I knew it.