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014 Achilles Tendon

Y: Hey, Patrick, what's wrong? 你怎么一瘸一拐的? P: Why am I limping? I'm limping because my Achilles tendon is killing me! OW! Y: Oh my.. P: Uh, Yang Chen, do you know what an Achilles tendon is? Y: Not really, Patrick. P: Achilles A-C-H-I-L-L-E-S, tendon T-E-N-D-O-N It is a tendon (腱) in the lower back part of your leg. Y: Oh, 你是不是和刘翔一样,得了跟腱炎? P: Yeah, that's right. Just like Liu Xiang. He had a problem with his Achilles tendon, too. Y: 那你是怎么弄伤了你的Achilles tendon呢? P: I pulled it during the warm-up for 100 meter hurdles.. Y: That's too bad. (Sarcastically.) P: Thanks for the sympathy, Yang Chen. Y: Hey, Patrick, 跟腱为什么叫 "Achilles tendon" 呢? P: You are really a pain in my Achilles, Yang Chen, Achilles was an ancient Greek hero Y: Oh, 我知道了, Achilles - 阿基里斯是希腊神话里的勇士。 P: Yeah, He was dunked in a sacred river by his mother, and his mother was holding him by his ankle. Y: So? P: So he became invulnerable everywhere the water touched him, except his heel. Y: 因为他妈妈抓着他的脚后跟,没沾到神水,就成了他的致命弱点。 P: So when someone has a fatal flaw it is referred to as their "Achilles heel". Because Achilles was killed when an arrow struck him in his heel - his only vulnerable spot. Y: So what's your "Achilles heel," Patrick? P: Well, I may have a problem with my Achilles tendon, but I don't have an Achilles heel. Y: Why? P: I'm perfect! Y: and modest. P: Whatever, Yang Chen!