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012 Heckling

(Sounds of baseball stadium - music, cheering) P: Ayyyyy, Batta, batta, batta. Swing, batta! Y: Patrick. 这是我第一次看棒球比赛。 I'm so excited. P: Batta, batta, batta. Swing, batta! Y: What are you doing, Patrick? P: I'm heckling the players. Heckling H-E-C-K-L-I-N-G is when you yell at a player of the team you are not rooting for. Y: Gee, that's not very nice, Patrick. 你这样起哄会影响运动员发挥的。It's very distracting. P: It is distracting and it really is not good to yell at athletes you aren't rooting for- but in baseball, it is a tradition. Y: A tradition? 这还是个传统啊? P: The most common way is by yelling: Batta, batta, batta. Swing, batta! Y: Oh, I get it now. 你是在冲着那个batter,那个击球手起哄。 P: Right, and I'm hoping the batter, B-A-T-T-E-R, will miss the ball and get a strike, S-T-R-I-K-E. And if the batter swings three times and misses, it is three strikes, and heeee's OUT! Y 如果对方的batter三次没击中球, three strikes, 他就完了。也就是"三振出局"。 P: Three strikes and you are out. That is what we want, Yang Chen. After three strikes, our team gets a chance to score. Y: But are you really sure it is OK to be heckling the players, Patrick? P: In the U.S., baseball players expect to be heckled. They train themselves not to react to it. Y: 美国的棒球运动员不怕别人起哄。Can you yell anything you want? P: Well, not really. You can't yell anything really mean or obscene. Y: 我知道了,不可以骂人,不可以喊脏话,那这样行吗?- Hey, 大笨瓜,strike out! P: Uh, no. Y: Hey look! It worked. 那个大笨瓜, he is out. 他被三振出局了!This is fun.!
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