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011 Olympic Opening Ceremony

PW: Today we are going to talk about the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Y: Yeh! PW: You sure are excited about the Opening Ceremony. but is it such a big deal? Y: Of course it's a big deal. 奥运会四年才开一次。主办国可以在开幕式上显示历史、文化,经济实力。You know, to show off. P: So, I am guessing there will be lots of performances - dances and acrobatics. Y: Yes, that's right, Patrick. 开幕式一开始要升起奥运旗帜,演奏奥运主题歌。 P: It starts with the raising of the Olympic flag and the performing of the Olympic anthem. Y: 然后是各国运动员入场。 P: That's called a "Parade of Nations," when the athletes of each nation participating in the Olympics parade through the stadium with their national teams.  Y: 开幕式除了大型表演,最精彩的是最后点燃奥运圣火。 P: Lighting of the Olympic Flame with the torch is the climax of the opening ceremony. It's awesome. Y: 说了半天,我只在电视上看过奥运会开幕式,如果能到现场那该多好。 P: Well, look what I've got! Y: 开幕式门票! Oh my gosh, Patrick! Who did you knock off to get those? P: Who did I "knock off"? Don't worry, I didn't have to kill anyone, Yang Chen. The tickets to the opening ceremony are sold out long time ago. I was given these by a friend whose brother is an Olympic athlete. Y: 你还认识奥运会运动员。Cool. PW: Say, do you want to go, Yang Chen? I've got two tickets? YC: Do I want to go? I'd LOVE to go!
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