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007 Basketball

P: Hey, Yang Chen, the Olympic basketball match between the U.S. and the Chinese teams is about to start. Let's go now. Y: WOW, the stadium is packed! 看来这场中美篮球之战太令人期待了! P: Which team are you rooting for? Y: Hey - I think we should root for different teams. How about I root for the Chinese Team, 我支持中国队,你支持美国队。 Let's go, Team China, Let's go! P: Let's go, Team USA, Let's go! Do you think the basketball court looks smaller from here? Y : 篮球场看着很小?那是因为我俩儿买的是便宜票,离篮球场地太远了。 别说话了,要开场了。Here comes the tip-off. P: Let's see who gets the ball after the tip-off. Ah, the Chinese team got the ball. The Chinese team scored a three pointer! And wait... Yao Ming scored it! Y : 中国队一开场就得三分球,太棒了。 Let's go, Team China, Lets go! P: Ok. A Team USA player just committed a personal foul, so Team China gets to shoot from the free throw line. Y : Free throw, 投篮的时候没有人拦, 那还不是百发百中。Yay, another point for Team China! P: Looks like the Chinese Team is on fire. Rebound for Team USA . Y : 美国队抢了栏板球?Oh no. P: What a beautiful slam dunk! Looks like Team USA is in control of the game. Y : 灌篮有什么了不起,中国队也来一个slam dunk! P: Ah, but the ball is out of bounds. Y : 那一定是美国队犯规,球才出界了。美国队Booooo... P:Yang Chen, did you see the score? Team USA has won, and Team China has lost. Y: No, Team China didn't lose, they just fell a little bit short of smashing Team USA. P: A little bit short? Team USA beat Team China by 31 points. So..... you mean 31 points short?
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