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379 ctach something...

春天来了,Larry和李华计划到外面转转,享受春天的美景。他们会用到两个常用语:to catch something和open minded。 Larry: What wonderful spring weather! We should get out and enjoy it, Lihua. LH: 没错,咱们踏春去! Larry: There are a lot of music festivals around town these days. Would you be interested in catching an outdoor show somewhere? LH: Catch a show? "Catch"不是捕捉的意思吗? 怎么可能捕捉一个show呢? Larry: Not that kind of catch, Lihua. Here, the word "catch" means to go to attend something, like a show. LH: 哦,catch在这里不是“捕捉”,而是“参加某项活动”的意思。 To catch a show就是去看一场表演。 Larry: That's right! We could catch a rock concert. LH: 啊?摇滚演唱会?太吵了! Let's catch a classical music performance instead. 我们去欣赏一场古典音乐。 Larry: Classical music? With music that boring and weather this nice, I'd surely fall asleep! LH: 听古典乐你会睡觉?真是没有艺术细胞! 好了,你还有什么主意? Larry: Well, we could always go catch a movie. There's a new action film that just came out. LH: Catch a movie? 看电影?可那是在室内啊,可惜了这么好的天气! Larry: That's OK. We can just enjoy the lovely weather - as we walk to the movie theater. LH: 可我不是很想看电影....Wait! I know! 我们去运动运动吧,I feel like catching a game of tennis. 去打网球吧! Larry: Well, you can't "catch" a game of tennis if you are playing it. If you are watching other people play, however, then you can say you are "catching" the game. LH: 哦,to catch something是强调被动地,不需要费力就可以享受的那种参与。如果自己挥汗如雨地去打网球,就不能用catch, 可如果自己不用动,轻松地坐在一边看网球赛,就可以说catch a game of tennis 了! 这样吧 Larry, 咱们去博物馆看艺术展,怎么样? Larry: Ah, I guess we could go to the museum... LH: 你好像不太情愿啊! Larry: Well, it's just that I had my mind set on going to that rock concert for awhile now. ****** LH: 真不明白,那么吵闹的摇滚乐,有什么好听的。 Larry: Come on, Lihua. I think you should be more open-minded when it comes to music. LH: Open-minded? 什么意思? Larry: To be open-minded means to be open to new ideas or experiences. LH: I get it. To be open minded就是宽容,思想开放的意思。这么说起来,Larry, 你就不是个open-minded,思想开放,勇于尝试的人。 Larry: No way! I am very open-minded, Lihua. I've done all sorts of crazy things with you that I wouldn't normally do. LH:比如呢? Larry: Well, like playing Mahjong with your friends. Even though I had to learn from scratch, I still kept an open mind and tried to have fun. LH: 哈哈,你打麻将那次还真是出丑呢! Larry: And I went camping last year with your friends. And even though it was cold and raining the entire time, I was open-minded and tried to enjoy myself. LH: 好啦,我承认你是个优秀的男朋友! Larry: Of course I am! And I'm not close-minded. LH: Close-minded? 我知道了,一定是open-minded的反义词,就是思想保守的。对不对? Larry: That's right. You shouldn't be so close-minded to this rock concert thing. LH: 那好,我们来个妥协。咱们先去看博物馆看艺术展,然后再去听摇滚乐,怎么样?我够open-minded了吧? Larry: Great! Let's go! 今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是to catch something,意思是“观看观赏”。另一个是open-minded,意思是“思想开放的,肯接受新鲜事物的”。