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371 out of place...

Larry和李华一起去Larry的老板家,参加公司同事派对。他们会用到两个常用语:out of place和show your true colors. Larry: Lihua, are you feeling OK? You're so quiet tonight. LH: 哦,我没事儿。不过,和这么多办公室白领在一起,有点不自在。 Larry: Ah, I see. You're always surrounded by young students when you're on campus. I can see why you feel a little out of place here. LH: Out of place,是什么意思? Larry: "Out of place" - It's an English phrase. If you're feeling out of place, you don't feel like you belong. You're not used to your current surroundings. LH: Out of place, 就是觉得和周围的环境格格不入,不自在。我现在的确感觉out of place, 因为我平时都是和同学在一起,现在突然和这些上班族在一起,不知道该和他们聊些什么。 Larry: It's OK, Lihua. It's a natural reaction. Everyone feels that way when in unfamiliar places. LH: 是嘛?你也会觉得out of place - 不自在? Larry: No, I work with these people every day, so I'm pretty comfortable in this kind of setting. But, there are some places where I do feel out of place - like when I go to parties with your friends on campus. LH: 啊? You feel out of place at student parties? 你参加我同学的派对时觉得不自在?你才毕业没多久啊! 已经不习惯校园生活了么? Larry: I was a student...a couple years ago. To be honest, whenever I go back to campus now, I feel really old - and all the students look so young! I hate to admit it, but I feel out of place when I'm surrounded by students. LH: 原来,你一回学校就觉得自己老,哈哈,没关系,你看,现在这一屋子的人里,除了我,你是最年轻的了! 不过,你和这些中年人在一起倒不感觉feel out of place,真奇怪! 我可是浑身不自在! I feel so out of place! Larry: I'm not used to seeing you acting so shy. You're usually so outgoing and friendly. Don't be afraid to show your true colors. LH: Show my true colors? 给他们点颜色看看?! Larry: (Chuckle) No! To show your true colors means to be how you truly are. You know, to just be your normal self. LH: To show my true colors, 就是作我自己,本色流露。你刚才说,我自自然然作自己,是个非常outgoing - 外向的人? Larry: Sure! I'm always amazed by how easily you can make new friends at a party. When you are relaxed and your true colors are showing, you are very friendly - and fun! LH: 呵呵,你夸得我真不好意思! 不过,和你的这些同事在一块儿,我不知说些什么好。我担心,my true colors - 我的本色,会让他们不喜欢。 Larry: Lihua, eventually you will be out in the work force, too. Maybe if you try interacting with these people now, you won't feel so out of place later after you get a real job. Just show your true colors and be your friendly self. LH: 你说得对。我早晚要参加工作,所以现在就应该试着和上班族相处。我应该轻松地和他们聊天。 Larry: Right! Just follow my lead. I will introduce you to my colleague Annie over there. And when you get the chance, ask her something about her job - like how long she has been working here and what she does. LH: 问问Annie在这个公司工作了多久,都干些什么。好! 没问题! Larry: See? I think you're feeling less out of place already. LH: 是啊,我没有刚才那么不自在了。我觉得,我已经开始放松,作自己了! I'm already showing my true colors! Larry: Great. Let's go! Oh! One more thing. Don't ask her age, her income or how much she paid for her clothes. Oh, and don't ask if that's her real hair color, either. LH: 啊?不能问年龄,收入,衣服的价钱,也不能问她有没有染发?这么多地雷,我又开始觉得紧张了! Larry: Just relax. You'll do fine! Just show your true colors......without any offensive questions. 今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是out of place,意思是“格格不入,不自在”。另一个是show your true colors,意思是“流露本色,作自己”。