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368 keep your shirt on...

李华和Larry要去朋友家聚餐,俩人正在包饺子。他们会用到两个常用语:keep your shirt on和to walk all over someone. LH: Larry! 你那个饺子里放的馅儿太多了! 肯定得破! Larry: Sorry, Lihua, I'm trying my best here. Look, I've already made half a dozen dumplings - see? LH: 啊?都快半个小时了,你才包了六个饺子?? Larry: Keep your shirt on! You know I've never made Chinese dumplings before, Lihua. LH: Larry, 你在说什么啊? keep my shirt on?! 我又没脱衣服! Larry: (Sigh) OK, let's both relax. What I mean is, try to be more patient. "Keep your shirt on" means "be patient." LH: "Keep your shirt on"是“耐心点儿”的意思?那好吧,I will try to keep my shirt on. Larry: And I'll try to work more quickly. (Pause) Here - is this how to close the dumpling? LH: 天啊, Larry, 你这个饺子包得太难看了! 在包饺子的时候,You need to keep your shirt on, too - 你也得有点耐心,慢慢包! Larry: Why don't you help me? The work will go twice as fast - and you can show me how to properly make a Chinese dumpling. LH: 好吧,听我说。包饺子最怕饺子皮按不紧,我有个笨办法,就是在皮的四周抹上一圈水,然后再按紧。你看,这样,饺子就不会“张嘴”啦! Larry: Hey, not so fast! How did you do that so quickly? Why can't I make dumplings like that? LH: 熟能生巧啊,慢慢练习,keep your shirt on! 不过,今天没时间让你慢慢练了,咱们得快点包,聚餐快开始了! 哎?刚才让你烧开水,水开了没有? Larry: Keep your shirt on, Lihua! It should be boiling in a minute. (手机铃声响) LH: 啊呀,来电话催了! (接起电话) 喂?... 啊,对不起,还没有做好,就快好了! 我知道! 好好,对不起了啊,恩,好拜拜. (挂电话) 唉! 我朋友着急了! Larry: Geez, she seems really rude! You shouldn't let her walk all over you like that. LH: Walk... over me? 什么意思? Larry: I mean you need to stand up for yourself. To let someone walk all over you means that you are allowing someone to be very rude to you. LH: 哦,to walk all over someone就是对某人蛮横无理。 Larry: That's right, and you shouldn't let your friend walk all over you like that. LH: 你说得对。不过,这个女生是我师姐,我应该尊重她。她说两句就说两句吧! Larry: Respecting her and letting her walk all over you are two different things. For example, I definitely need to respect my boss when he tells me I did something wrong. However, if he made me stay late every night at work, that's walking all over me, and I don't have to accept that. LH: 对,要是老板天天让你加班,就没有道理了,明显是在欺负人,你没必要照做。 Larry: Exactly. Respect between two people should be mutual - regardless of how old they are. LH: 你说得对! 哎?水开了没有,咱们快点把饺子做好吧! Larry: Let's take our time. I don't want to hurry just to make your rude friend happy. LH: 她要是再打电话来催我,我一定会让她keep her shirt on - 耐心点! 不过咱们也得加快速度,再包它二十个! Larry: Keep your shirt on, Lihua! I'll go as fast as I can! LH: Larry, 包完饺子你还得赶快去趟中国超市! Larry: The store? For what? LH: 买腊八蒜啊! 吃饺子哪能没有腊八蒜! 另外,你最好再额外买点小菜,点心什么的...... Larry: I'm beginning to think you are walking all over me, too! 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 Keep your shirt on,意思是“保持耐心”。另一个是 to walk all over someone 意思是“对某人蛮横无理”。