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360 overkill...

Larry和李华一起去参观艺术博物馆。他们会用到两个常用语:Overkill和write something off. LH: Larry, 听我的对了吧。逛艺术博物馆比看电影强多了! L: Well I agree. But the art museum would be even better if it served popcorn too! LH: 这倒也是,要是博物馆里也卖爆米花、热狗、啤酒,边逛边吃,那该有多舒服啊! L: Hot dogs and beer? I don't know, Lihua. I think that might be overkill. LH: Overkill是什么意思? L: When you think that an idea goes too far, you can say that it is overkill. LH: 哦,overkill就是过份的想法或行为。你是说,在博物馆里卖爆米花似乎还不错,可如果连热狗和啤酒都一起卖就太夸张了。 L: That's right! Here is another example. Elliot's boss thought about firing him for being an hour late to work, but then decided that would be overkill. LH: 哦,Elliot迟到了一个小时,老板本来想因为这个而炒他的鱿鱼,不过后来觉得,这么做太过份了。对了,Larry, 博物馆这么好,我们天天来这里逛如何? L: Lihua, I really enjoy the art gallery, but coming here every single day would definitely be overkill. LH: 什么过份,你真没有艺术细胞! 我的艺术气质比你浓多了,我看,我干脆去读个艺术史的博士好了! L: Lihua, it's fine to enjoy art as a hobby, but I think getting a PhD in art history would really be overkill. LH: 呵呵,我开玩笑的。对了Larry, 你还记得上次咱们去华盛顿看兵马俑展览么? L: I sure do! That was one of my favorites. LH: 就是,多好看啊。可惜展出的只是一部分,要是所有兵马俑都到美国来展览就好了! L; I don't know ... I was satisfied seeing just a few. I think bringing the entire collection here would be overkill. LH: 才不会呢! 要看就得看全的!那个气势,肯定不一样! 我给你买张机票,你去中国看吧! L: Lihua, it's nice that you're encouraging me to see the Teracotta Warriors, but buying me a plane ticket to China is definitely overkill! ****** LH: Larry, 你喜欢什么流派的艺术啊?现实主义还是抽象主义? L: I definitely prefer the realistic kind. Anybody can make abstract art! LH: 人人都能创作抽象派艺术作品?那好,你创作一个给我看看! L: Er ... I guess you're right. I shouldn't write off abstract artists so quickly. LH: Write them off? 这是什么意思? L: When you write something off, that means you decide that it isn't important. LH: 哦,就是小看,不看好的意思。你是说,你不该小瞧抽象派艺术家。 L: Right! Here is another example. In high school most people had written Jack off as an actor, so they were really surprised when he became a movie star years later. LH: 我明白了。高中时大家都觉得Jack肯定当不了演员,可后来他成了电影明星,所以大家都很吃惊。 L: That's right! LH: 对了Larry, 你说这些艺术品的创作者一定都很有钱吧?他们的作品都卖得好贵哦! L: Actually I don't think so. Many great artists were written off in their own time, and people only started to appreciate them many years later. LH: 也是,好多艺术家在世的时候不被世人重视,总是死了之后才得到人们的认可,真可惜!哎, Larry, 你喜不喜欢画画? L: I thought of being an artist when I was a little kid, but I wrote that dream off a long time ago when I realized I was bad at drawing. LH: 哦,你发现自己画画不行,就放弃了当画家的梦想。 L: Yeah, but I still like to draw as a hobby. Even though I can't be a professional artist, giving it up even as a hobby would have been overkill. LH: 要不这样吧,Larry, 把你最近画的大作拿来,跟我五岁时画的儿童简笔画比比,看看你有没有达到我五岁时的水平? L: Very funny, Lihua. I'll write that off as a joke! 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是overkill,表示过份的想法或行为。另一是write something off, 意思是“小看,不看好”。