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357 right on money...

Larry和李华一起去逛街,给Larry的朋友Tom买生日礼物。今天我们要学两个常用语: right on the money和crapshoot LH: Larry, Tom平时有什么爱好啊? L: Tom really enjoys sports, especially skiing. But he also loves video games too. LH: 他喜欢滑雪和电子游戏?现在天气这么热,没法带他去滑雪...对了! 我们给他买一个滑雪的电子游戏,这样他在家里就能滑了! L: You want to buy him a skiing video game? I think you're right on the money. Great idea! LH: Right on the money? 什么意思?你让我付钱买礼物么? L: Actually, when you say that something is right on the money, that means it is exactly right. LH: 哦,right on the money就是“完全正确”的意思。你是说,我提出给Tom买滑雪游戏是个特别好的主意,对不对? L: Exactly. Here is another example. When Erica went to visit Karen she wasn't sure which apartment number was hers. Luckily her guess was right on the money. LH: 我明白了。Erica不肯定Karen家的门牌号码,可是她一猜就猜中了,这就叫right on the money. L: Exactly! You're right on the money. LH: 那可不!咱们去电器商场买游戏吧!对了,那家店在哪儿来着?是在14街上么? L: Yup, you're right on the money. There is a big electronics store there. LH: 那我们怎么去呢? L: There is a metro station nearby, so I think that will be the most convenient way. LH: 对,附近是有地铁。是地铁的哪条线来着?绿线么? L: Yup, you're right on the money again. It's the green line. L: Larry, 这种滑雪游戏好像是新上市的,会不会很贵啊?得50块钱吧? LH: Wow Lihua, good guess! You're right on the money. The most popular skiing video game is $49.99. L: 哈!我今天怎么猜什么都那么准啊! 那我再猜猜,你买这个游戏给Tom, 其实是想和他一起玩儿吧? LH: Actually, Lihua, you're right on the money! ****** Larry和李华正在商场的电子游戏区选游戏。 LH: Larry, 这里至少有10种滑雪游戏!咱们买哪个啊? L: Hmmm ... I don't know. Maybe we could ask a store employee to recommend one. LH: 找店员问?他肯定给你推荐最贵的, 而且还不一定好! L: I guess you're right. Since we don't have any idea which games are good, it's really just a crapshoot. LH: A crapshoot? 什么意思? L: A crapshoot is something that depends totally on luck. LH: 哦,crapshoot就是完全靠运气的事情。 L: Exactly. For example, becoming a movie star is extremely competitive. Even if you're a good actor, it's still mostly a crapshoot. LH: 对,想成为电影明星很难,即使你有表演天赋,这也基本上是撞大运的事儿。 L: You got it. LH: Larry,这里的游戏都好贵啊,要不咱们去别的店看看,也许有便宜点的? L: Maybe, but there isn't any way to know which store would be cheaper. It would really be just a crapshoot. LH: 这倒也是。对了,Tom家的游戏机是什么牌子的啊?任天堂?索尼?还是X-Box? L: Hmm ... I have no idea. LH: 啊?你不知道牌子,那怎么买游戏啊。万一型号对不上,就没法玩儿啦。 L: Well, we will just have to guess. It will be a crapshoot, but he can always exchange it later. LH: 那多麻烦。要不我们送给Tom一张购物券吧,让他自己随便买点什么。反正我们也不是很确定他会喜欢滑雪游戏。 L: Well, it's not a total crapshoot. We know he likes skiing and video games, so it's likely he will like this gift. LH: 我说 Larry, 你对Tom的生日礼物可真上心啊! 我猜,等到给我买生日礼物的时候,你一定会花更多的心思! L: Of course, Lihua. You're right on the money! 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是right on the money表示完全正确。另一是crapshoot, 意思是全凭运气的事。