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351 push over...

李华和Larry正在一起看世界杯美国对斯洛文尼亚的比赛。今天我们要学两个常用语:push over和blow it. LH: Larry, 美国队的第二场比赛就要开始了,我真等不及啦! L: Yeah, I'm really excited too! Hopefully the U.S. will have good luck again today playing Slovenia. LH: 对! 美国队上次和英格兰踢的时候就是因为运气好捞到了一个进球! 不过,斯洛文尼亚不是什么强队,美国队这次不靠运气,靠实力,踢赢也不成问题吧? L: I don't know ... Slovenia is playing very well. They're not going to be a push-over. LH: 啊?什么是a push-over? L: A push-over is someone who is very easy to take advantage of. LH: 哦,a push-over就是容易控制、好欺负的人。你的意思是,斯洛文尼亚可不是那么容易对付的,是不是? L: Exactly! Here's another example. Even though Joe always turned in his homework late, he never got in trouble because his teacher was a real push-over. LH: 嗯, Joe的老师好欺负,所以他不交作业也没事。 L: Exactly. So Lihua, how did you get out of work today to watch the World Cup? LH: 因为我老板喜欢我啊,只要我央求一下,她什么都答应我! L: Hmm ... she sounds like a real push-over. I wish my boss always gave me everything I asked for. LH: 下次我教你讨上司喜欢的秘诀!对了,看完比赛我还要去公司,你开车送我吧。 L: Well I'm pretty busy this afternoon. Can you take the bus? LH: 那可不行,大热天的我还得等车,不干不干! L: Eh ... alright, I'll give you a ride. You know that I'm such a push-over. But why didn't you ride your bike today? LH: 别提了,我的车坏了!我把它拿到修车厂,结果他们开出的修理费简直是天文数字!我可不上当,扭头就走了! L: Well, I can see you're definitely not a push-over, Lihua. LH: 那可不!如果别人想占你便宜,你就得自我保护!好了,不说了,比赛要开始了! L: Great, let's watch! ****** 比赛结束了,Larry和李华还是回味无穷。 LH: 这比赛真是峰回路转!美国开始的时候0比2落后,结果居然又追回两球,打成平局了! L: Yeah, but the U.S. should have won! LH: 就是,最后一个球,美国队明明进了,裁判却吹犯规,误判误判! L: I know, I can't believe that the referee blew that call. LH: The referee blew the call? 什么意思? L: Actually, when you make a really big mistake, you can say that you blew it. LH: 啊,blow something就是说犯大错误,把事情搞砸。所以你是说,裁判把美国队的进球判成无效,是很严重的误判。 L: Right! Here is another example. Joe wanted to impress Carol on their first date. But he really blew it because she was a vegetarian and he took her to a steak restaurant. LH: 啊?带吃素的人去牛排店,这不是满错了么!对了,Larry, 美国队下一场踢阿尔及利亚,你说胜算有几成? L: Well, most people think that the U.S. is a better team. We should win as long as we don't make a big mistake and blow it. LH: 太好了!比赛星期三,咱们一起看! L: Well I would really like to ... but I have a big presentation on Thursday that I will need to prepare for, and I really don't want to blow it. LH: Larry, 世界杯比做报告重要多了!还是跟我看比赛吧! L: Well Lihua, my boss isn't a push-over. If I do a bad job, he will get really mad at me. LH: 你老板不好惹?那就算了吧......要不这样,我看比赛,你在家准备报告,如果比赛有什么精彩内容,我就打电话告诉你! L: Hmmm ... that's a great idea! But you better not blow it and get so excited that you forget to call me. LH: 这我可不敢保证! 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是push-over, 表示好欺负,好说话的人。另一是blow it, 意思是犯大错,把事情搞砸。