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44 Lara Eric, School Plays

J: Hello, welcome to American Cafe!  I'm Jody! Y: 各位好,欢迎到美语咖啡屋。我是杨晨。J: Hey, Yang Chen, don't forget to keep next weekend free.   Y: Oh,  对,下个周末我们要去看音乐剧。因为Eric要在里面扮演一个角色。说Eric起来,我觉得他可是够忙碌的,又要上学,又要参加学校剧团的演出。J: He is a very busy 14 -year old.  But you know, all kids sooner or later are in a school play.    Y: 是吗,所有的孩子都有机会参加演出啊?J: Oh sure.  And today we'll hear from Eric and his mom Lara about what it means to be in a school play.        Y: 好啊。那我们就先来认识Eric的妈妈Lara 。 Lara: It's, I think fairly common, almost every junior high school and high school in the country has some sort of play or dramatic opportunity that kids can participate in.Y: 原来我以为只有那些将来想进演艺界的小孩才会参加这种演出呢。J: Oh no, no, no. Everyone tries out for school plays!  Y: "Try out" 就是参加audition,I mean 参加"演员挑选"J: That's right. Everyone tries out. The nerdy students try out, the artsy students try out and just the plain ol'  average students try out.   Again here is Lara.
Lara: Everyone tries out.  Anyone who's interested can try out.  The more nerdy kids, if you will, the artsy kids, and just plain ol' average kids.  Anyone can try out.
Y: 哎, Jody,你来给大家描述一下,如果说个人很nerdy, 那该是什么样子呢?J: OK. A nerd is anyone who studies too much, never gets into any trouble and carries around lots of pens and pencils. That is a nerdy student. Y: Nerdy kids 一般来说都是书呆子。 那么artsy呢?J: Artsy, very creative, artistic students.  But no matter if you are nerdy or artsy , being in a play makes you busy. Y: 没错,特别是对一个14岁的孩子来说。 那他有那么时间吗?J: Well, Yang Chen, that is the negative side of being in a school play - it can really drain a student's time. 
Lara: The negatives are it's a very large drain on a kid's time.  For an individual play it's several weeks of practice - maybe six weeks of practice. 
Y:  要花 6 个星期的时间来排练。 那这样会不会影响他的学习成绩呢?  J: Well, it probably does influence a student's grades. But I also think it's well worth it. Y: Jody, 你的意思是说参加演出比取得好成绩还要重要吗? J: Well, it could be.  Acting in a play is a wonderful opportunity to develop such things as public speaking abilities, confidence.Lara: Well, the pros are that it's a wonderful opportunity for kids to develop  public speaking ability and confidence. That's a definite plus - building a positive self-image. Y: 说了半天,Eric到底参加的是那一部戏的演出?
J: Eric performed in the Music Man.
Eric: My name is Eric.  And... I was in a play called the Music Man.  It's about this man named Harold Hill and he's a con artist.  A con artist is someone who tricks people into giving them money.  And so Harold is selling boys bands.Y: Con artist, 就是诈骗犯的意思。J:  In the Music Man boys bands means a marching band with lots of instruments!Y: Marching band,该怎么解释呢?J: I've got an idea.  Bring in the band! [Enter music here.]Y: 哎,我想Eric一定演的是Music Man里面的男主角大骗子Harold Hill,对不对?J:  Well ... not exactly. 
 ACT Eric
I was Man #2.  I was a non-important character who said three lines and had one musical solo line.  
Y: 不过不要紧,我相信Eric下次一定能演主角。J: Oh, sure!  He is very talented.  And to a parent it doesn't matter if you're the lead role or Man #2.    Lara: It doesn't matter if they're in the big part or they're just Man #2; every parent who sees their child on stage feels enormously proud.J: Lara does sound like a proud parent, doesn't she?Y: 没错。J: That's all for American Cafe. Thanks for joining us and see you next time.   Y: 谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋。我们下次节目再见。
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