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064讲: 道听途说


YR: Jessica, Congratulations! And I'm mad at you! 

Jessica: What? Why? What's going on?

YR: 我听说你交了个特帅的男朋友! 所以当然恭喜你一下喽!不过,咱俩是好朋友,你居然瞒着我,所以我生气啦!

Jessica: What boyfriend? Where did you hear it? 

YR: 大家都这么说啊。就是...啊...怎么说来着,street words say...

Jessica: Do you mean "word on the street"?

YR: 对! Word on the street is you've got a new boyfriend! 坊间传言,您交了新男友哦!

Jessica: Gosh! This is pure rumor! Yiru, you must tell me who told you this. I need to dispel this rumor! 

YR: 我也是道听途说,这样吧,你告诉我道听途说用美语怎么说,我就告诉你传谣言的人是谁!

Jessica: Deal! 道听途说...Let me see...Okay, you can say "I heard something through the grapevine." Grapevine is spelt g-r-a-p-e-v-i-n-e.

YR: 哦,grapevine是葡萄藤的意思,I heard it through the grapevine 就是“通过葡萄藤听来的消息”,也就是道听途说喽! 还有别的说法么?

Jessica: You can also say "a little bird told me." For example, if you don't want to tell others the source of your information, you can say "Let's just say I know because a little bird told me."

YR: 哈哈,真可爱,A little bird told me, 小鸟告诉我的!

Jessica: 好啦,现在你可以告诉我了吧?Who's spreading the rumor?

YR: Well, let's just say a little bird told me!

Jessica: Hey! That's cheating, Yiru! Besides, if you say "a little bird told me," usually it means both you and I actually know the source of the information, but neither of us wants to say it. 可我现在不知道啊!

YR: 原来,在用 a little bird told me 的时候,大家对消息来源其实都心知肚明,只是故意不说。好吧,那我告诉你吧,其实---I heard the rumor through the grapevine!

Jessica: Hey! 

YR: 今天我们学的内容包括:第一,坊间传言可以说Word on the street is...; 

第二,道听途说可以说 I heard it through the grapevine; 

第三,大家心照不宣地不挑名消息来源,可以说 A little bird told me. 

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