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024A 体育运动: 初级课程

Ryan想锻练锻练,改善自己的身材。他的朋友Alice篮球打得很好,Ryan打算拜她为师。 Professor: That's right, Winnie. Basketball is a very popular sport in America. 中国人也很喜欢打篮球啊! 姚明就是中国人,而且有很多粉丝! Professor: That's true. Do you think Ryan will be a good basketball player? 咱们来听听吧! Ryan: Thanks for teaching me how to play basketball, Alice. Alice: No problem. I am happy to be your basketball coach. Ryan: Great. Where did you learn how to play? Alice: I played basketball in college. Ryan: Were you better at offense or defense? Alice: I was better at offense. I was the best shooter on the team. Professor: So Winnie, where did Alice learn to play basketball? Alice说她是在大学里学会打篮球的,她不光是校队成员,还是the best shooter - 最棒的投手呢! 这么说,Alice投篮肯定特别准! Professor: Right. And in basketball, when you shoot and score a point, you can say you scored a basket. 没错! 如果你投篮成功,就可以说"score a basket." Professor: So, is Alice better at offense or defense? Alice说, she was better at offense than defense,进攻能力比防守能力强。这不难理解,她是the best shooter - 最棒的投手嘛! 有她当教练,Ryan肯定很快就能变成篮球飞人。 Alice: Alright Ryan, first you have to learn how to dribble. Ryan: Don't worry, I know how to dribble. Let's just play some one-on-one. Alice: Uh.... are you sure you don't want to practice a little first? Ryan: Nope! I'm ready to play. Don't go easy on me. Ryan是不是有点自信过头了?Alice想慢慢教他,从 dribble -“运球”开始。可Ryan上来就要打one-on-one - 一对一的比赛! Professor, one-on-one这个短语可以用在其它语境里么? Professor: Sure! For example, you can say I didn't want the other students to hear me talk to the teacher, so I asked to talk to her one-on-one. "Talk to her one-on-one", 就是单独和她谈话。对了,Professor, Ryan让Alice不要"go easy on him",是不是说,Alice对他不用手下留情? Professor: Right. For another example, "I haven't studied much for the test, so I hope my teacher goes easy on us." 啊~~因为没好好复习,所以希望老师手下留情。好! Ryan和Alice一对一比赛已经结束了,我们看看谁胜谁负! Alice: Great game, Ryan! I had a lot of fun. Ryan: (Panting) Yeah, I hope so. It must have been a lot of fun beating me 20 to zero. Alice: Well do you want to have a re-match? I think you will score a basket next time. Ryan: I don't think so ... and I can only take one shutout per day. 看来,Ryan根本不是Alice的对手! 让人家打了个20比零! professor, 什么叫shutout? Professor: Winnie, if one team doesn't score any points in the game, you can say the game is a shutout. 哦,shutout, s-h-u-t-o-u-t, shutout 就是输掉的队伍得零分的比赛。 Professor: Ryan didn't score any points, so you can say he was "shutout". Alice asks him if he wants a rematch, but Ryan says no. 是啊,Ryan不愿意再被刷个零,所以他不想play a re-match - 再打一次了。真希望Ryan学篮球的热情没有被彻底浇灭! Professor: Let's see what Alice says. Alice: Ryan, I think I know a better way to teach you basketball. Ryan: Really? What is it? Alice: I'm going to take you to watch a basketball game. Ryan: Great! I love watching professional basketball. Alice: Professional? I didn't say we're going to a professional basketball game! 哦,原来,Alice打算带Ryan去看篮球赛,让他观摩观摩。不过,他们要去的不是a professional game - 专业球赛。 Professor: Right. What kind of game do you think they're going to? 我们下次就知道啦! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。