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022A 出行: 初级课程

Craig被纽约一家大公司录用,今天第一天上班。他刚搬来纽约不久,对公司周围的路不太熟,为了保险起见,他决定打车去公司--take a taxi。 Professor: Yes, Winnie. But if there is lots of traffic, taking a taxi might be slower than the subway. 的确,如果路上有lots of traffic - 很多车的话,那么,坐subway - 地铁,的确比打车更快。让我们一起听Craig打车是否顺利。 Driver: Good morning. Where are you headed? Craig: I'm going to number 250, East 97th Street. Driver: Which way do you want to go? Craig: I'm not from New York, so I don't know the way. You decide. Professor Bowman, 司机问Craig "where he is headed", 这是什么意思? Professor: Asking someone where he is headed is a common and casual way to ask him where he is going. 我明白了,那么Craig在回答的时候,也可以说I'm headed to East 97th Street. Professor: That's correct. 不过,我还真有点儿替Craig担心。他居然老实地告诉出租车司机,说自己新来乍道,不认识路。这种乘客很可能被司机rip off,宰上一刀! Professor: Well, let's see if your worries are necessary. Driver: Oh, you don't know where you're going? Well, I know a special shortcut to that address. Craig: I'm not sure we need a special shortcut. The address isn't very far away. Driver: Well, it's rush hour right now. If we don't take my shortcut you might be late. Craig: Hmm.... alright. I guess you know where to go. Professor:Winnie. Why did the taxi driver say he needs to take the shortcut? 他说,现在是rush hour - 上下班的高峰时段,如果不take the shortcut - 超近道,Craig就可能会迟到。 Professor: That's right, Winnie. If traffic is really bad, you can say there is a "traffic jam." But I think the driver sounds quite sketchy. 没错!我倒要看看这条shortcut能不能省时间! Craig: Are we there yet? We've been driving for 30 minutes, and it feels like we've been going in circles. Driver: Don't worry, we'll be there soon. Craig: But the meter says the fare is already $25 dollars! I'm only going a few blocks. It shouldn't cost so much money. Driver: Hey, you have to trust me. I'm a professional driver, remember? Craig虽然不熟悉纽约,但也知道公司其实并不远。可是,出租车司机开了半个小时还在绕圈子,而且,the meter - 计价器,显示,the fare - 车钱,已经25块了! Professor: That's right, Winnie. And remember, in this case the word "fare" is spelled F-A-R-E, not F-A-I-R. 我记住了。Professor Bowman, 看来我们猜对了,司机是想黑Craig的钱。 Craig: Alright, just pull over here and I'll get out. This is the last time I hail a cab. Driver: What? Why? We're almost there. Craig: You've been saying that for the past 30 minutes. I'm going to walk. Driver: Well, at least you got to see a lot of the city. Will you give me a good tip for that? Craig: A tip? I'm not even paying the fare! 好样的,Craig! 他明智地让司机停车,决定自己走到公司去。对了,Professor,什么叫hail a cab? Professor: "Hail a cab" is when you stand on the side of the road and raise your hand to tell the taxis to stop and pick you up. 哦,就是站在路旁招手叫出租车。Craig说,他以后再也不打车了!对了,Professor,是不是在美国打车时都得给司机 a tip--小费呢? Professor: Usually you give a tip, but not if he cheats you. 难怪Craig说,别说小费,他连车钱都不想付! 唉,希望他能顺利地走到公司! Professor: Listen next time to find out! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。