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021C 远足旅行: 高级课程

Professor: Daphne took Roger on a camping trip, but Roger had a terrible time because he is from the city and isn't used to being in nature.

MC: 没错,Roger还说,Daphne让他在野营时受罪,他一定要报这个仇。

Professor: Right. So today, he is taking Daphne to a car race.

MC: A car race? 赛车?赛车很精彩啊! 这算什么报仇?

Daphne: Roger, do you really find car races fun to go to? It's incredibly boring just watching the cars go around and around the track, and I can hardly breathe because of all the smoke and fumes!

Roger: You aren't having fun? Daphne, car racing is the most popular sport in America.

Daphne: I hate cars. They make so much pollution, which is creating holes in the ozone layer. And the environmental problems are only getting worse with global warming!

Roger: Daphne, cars are a part of American culture. Americans have always relied on cars instead of making do with public transportation.


Professor: Right. Why doesn't Daphne like cars?

她说,汽车污染环境,伤害ozone layer - 臭氧层。不过Roger说, Americans don't make do with public transportation,这是什么意思呢?

Professor: When you "make do" with something, that means you accept it reluctantly.

哦,make do with something, 就是勉强接受某事。

Professor: Right. For example, "I really wanted to see the new horror movie that just came out. But because it was sold out, I had to make do with another movie, which wasn't very good."

Daphne: Roger, It's often difficult to see how your lifestyle impacts the world. But we need to prevent pollution by driving cars less and investing in renewable energy.

Roger: Why do you like the environment so much? It's full of mosquitoes that want to bite you, and bears that want to eat you!

Daphne: If you're not nice to nature, nature won't be nice to you. If the polar ice caps melt, ocean levels will rise and flood the coastal cities.

Roger: Oh Daphne, that isn't going to happen. You watch too 
many movies.

我真想知道Daphne和Roger是怎么成朋友的,这俩人的看法相差十万八千里! Daphne说, 人们应该尽量少开车,而且应该开发renewable energy--可再生能源。

Professor: Right. But what does Roger say?


Daphne: Roger, most scientists agree that global warming is real, and evidence shows that the polar ice caps have been melting.

Roger: Well what do you want me to do about it? I'm just one person. What can I do to make a difference?

Daphne: Well to start, you could buy more energy-efficient appliances. You could also think about buying an electric or hybrid car.

Roger: But I don't have the money for all that! 

Daphne说,Roger应该从我做起,保护环境,所以要买more energy-efficient appliances--能源利用率更高的电器。Professor Bowman, Daphne的话使我想到,我应该把电脑关了,不写作业了,这样也可以为环保出力啊!

Professor: Nice try, Winnie! 

Roger: Alright, Daphne. You've convinced me I need to do more for the environment. I'm going to stop washing my clothes in the laundry machine to save electricity, and stop taking showers to save water.

Daphne: What? Roger, there's no need to go crazy, you know.

Roger: But Daphne, I have to do my part to save the environment! I'm going to "recycle" my dirty socks and wear them over and over again.

Daphne: Roger, in that case the disgusting gasses given off by your body are going to make a bigger hole in the ozone layer than all the cars in the world combined!

哈哈,Roger说,为了节约能源,他决定不洗衣服,不洗澡了,而且要 recycle his dirty socks--把脏袜子一穿再穿!

Professor: Sounds like a good plan! It's nice that he is doing his part.

啊?您别开玩笑了! 如果Roger真这么做,只会更加污染环境! 就像Daphne说的那样,Roger身上发出的臭气会让臭氧层空洞变大的!