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020A 高中生活: 初级课程

eather和Jeremy是高中同学,俩人一起上数学课。在上课前的几分钟,他们聊了起来。 Professor: That's right, Winnie. Say, what do students in my class talk about before I arrive? Professor, 我们都在聊您有多好啊......当然了,如果您不给我们留作业,就更好了! Professor: Really? Well, it's better to be feared than loved! Jeremy: Hi Heather. Did you have a nice weekend? Heather: Hi Jeremy. Yes, I had a really great weekend. How was your weekend? Jeremy: It was great! I got to have fun on Saturday and Sunday because we didn't have any homework. Heather: Yes we did! We had to read our math textbook and do some math problems. Did you forget? Jeremy: Oh no, I forgot to do the homework! I hope there isn't a pop quiz. Jeremy和Heather谈到刚过去的周末。Jeremy说他周末玩儿得很痛快,因为学校没留作业。可其实并不是这样,是他忘记作业了! Professor: That's right Winnie. And what was the homework? Heather提醒说,作业是看math textbook - 数学书,然后do some problems - 作一些练习题。对了Professor, Jeremy说,希望今天没有pop quiz,这是什么呢? Professor: A pop quiz is a quiz that the teacher did not tell you about beforehand. 哦,pop quiz就是随堂测验,也就是事先没有通知学生,突然进行的小测验! Jeremy没看书也没作题,要是有pop quiz, 他就惨啦! Heather: You didn't do the homework? Yeah, you will definitely fail if there is a pop quiz. Jeremy: I know! How much time do I have to cram? Heather: Well, class starts in five minutes. I don't think that's enough time. Jeremy: You're right. Can I just copy your answers? Heather也说,如果老师给他们pop quiz, Jeremy一定会fail - 不及格。 Professor: That's right. So what does Jeremy ask Heather? Jeremy问她还有多长时间才上课,这样他可以cram - 突击准备一下。 Professor: Correct. "Cramming" is studying a lot of information in a short period of time. For example, "It's best to start studying for the test early so that you don"t have to cram the night before. 没错。可惜,还有5 分钟就上课了。cramming也来不及了。所以Jeremy想出最后一招,copy Heather's answers - 抄Heather的作业! Heather: You want me to give you the answers? I think that's cheating. Jeremy: Cheating? Of course not. Just pretend you are my tutor. Heather: I don't know, Jeremy. I worked hard to do those problems. Why should I just give you the answers? Jeremy: Because if you do, I will invite you to my party this weekend. Heather不愿意让Jeremy抄自己的答案,她说这是cheating - 作弊! Professor: That's right, Winnie. What does Jeremy say? Jeremy说,Heather应该把自己当成他的tutor - 家庭教师,这样,给他抄答案就理所当然了!对了,Professor Bowman, tutor这个词可以当动词么? Professor: Yes. For example, if you aren't good at math, you should find someone to tutor you in math. 我明白了,tutor当动词就是“给别人辅导”的意思。Jeremy想贿赂Heather,说如果Heather让他抄作业,他就请Heather参加周末的派对。 Heather: Really? You will invite me to your party this weekend? Jeremy: Yes. All the coolest people come to my parties. Heather: I know! They sound like a lot of fun. Jeremy: So, will you help me? Heather: Well ... OK. But change one or two of the answers so we don't turn in the same homework. Jeremy: Great! 啊? Heather就这样投降啦?为了能参加这个酷酷的派对,她竟然牺牲原则。 Professor: That's right. But what does she tell Jeremy he has to do? 她说,Jeremy得把一两道题的答案改一下,以免俩人交上去一模一样的作业,被老师发现是抄的。没看出来,Heather还这么狡猾! 唉,希望Jeremy的派对别让Heather失望,要不她的牺牲就白费了! Professor: Let's listen next time to find out! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。