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015A 电视节目: 初级课程

Will和Jane在约会,俩人聊起了各自爱看的电视节目。 Professor: That's right, Winnie. Today they are talking about reality TV. "Reality TV" - 电视真人秀! 这种节目其实一点都不真实,我听说,很多情节和对话其实也是按照剧本,有安排的! Professor: Maybe, but they are still entertaining. Will: So Jane, what kind of TV shows do you like to watch? Jane: I really love reality TV. Do you? Will: Oh yeah, me too. And it's great that there are so many shows now to choose from! Jane: I know. There are so many reality TV programs I can't keep them straight! 原来这两人都喜欢看真人秀。 Will很高兴地说,电视上的这种节目很多,Jane说,节目太多了,所以she can't keep them straight! Professor, 这是不是说她已经看得眼花缭乱,弄不清哪个是哪个了? Professor: Yes! Jane is saying that there are so many reality TV shows out there, she can hardly keep track of which is which. 对了,Professor, Will 管“节目”叫“show," 而Jane用了"program," 这两个词有什么区别么? Professor: They mean exactly the same thing. Will: You know what my favorite reality show is? Cops. Jane: Cops? The show where they show what happens to the police? That show is so stupid. Will: No way! Some people don't remember that Cops was the very first reality show. Jane: I guess so ... but just because it was the first, doesn't mean it was the best. Will最喜欢的真人秀是“Cops”--“传奇警察”,他还说这是美国的第一个真人秀电视节目。我看过Cops,他们在警察的巡逻车里安上摄像机,跟拍警察出任务的情况。这个节目有什么意思啊,我不懂! Professor: Well, Winnie, it's very successful. It has been on 22 seasons, and has made more than 750 episodes. 哇, Professor, 你记得好清楚啊! 我还真不知道这个节目这么受欢迎,已经拍了 22 seasons--二十二季,more than 750 episodes--七百五十多集啦?! Professor: Yes, it's that popular! But what does Jane say? Jane说,虽然Cops是第一个真人秀,但并不代表它就是最好的。不知道Jane最爱看的是哪个节目。 Will: OK Jane, what reality TV shows do you like? Jane: I like shows that have real people who are like me. Will: You like to watch normal people doing regular things? That's not interesting at all! Jane: Yes it is! If it isn't interesting, why are reality TV shows on all the channels? Will: Jane, you don't need to watch TV to see normal people. They're all around you in your real life! 看来,Jane的品味和Will很不同,她喜欢看那些演普通人日常生活的真人秀。我同意Will的看法,如果你喜欢看普通人,那看看周围的人不就行了么,何必要看电视呢? Professor: I agree. When I watch TV, I want to see amazing things I can't see every day. 就是嘛。对了,Professor, Jane 还说,真人秀节目 "are on all the channels",这是不是说,每个台都在播这种节目? Professor: That's right. For example, "I couldn't find a good show to watch on any channel, so I read a book." Jane: Have you ever watched the show Survivor? Will: Yeah. I haven't seen the whole series, but I've seen a few reruns. Jane: It's a good show because it showed regular people, but in a strange place. Will: Yeah, that's a really good show. Jane 喜欢看“Survivor”--“幸存者”。Will说,他没看过这个节目的whole series--整个系列,但是看了a few reruns--几集重播。 Professor: Right. Why does Jane like that show? Jane说,Survivor演的是普通人身处险境时的事儿,所以很好看。 Professor: That's right. So Winnie, do you think Will and Jane have other kinds of shows they like to watch? 我们继续收听下次的节目就知道啦! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。