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014A 找工作: 初级课程

Toby刚刚大学毕业,急着找工作,不过他遇到了一个大问题,我们一起听听看。 Denise: Hi Toby, how are you doing? You don't look very well. Toby: Hey Denise. I'm just sad because I can't find a job. Denise: Yeah, it's hard to find a job right now. You need to have a really great resume Toby: That's the problem. I don't have a resume yet! Denise: Really? Well that's OK. I'll help you make one. 原来,Toby 目前最大的障碍是没有一份出色的resume, 简历! Professor: Yes, Winnie, without a resume he can't find a job. That's why he said he's upset. 不过,Denise真够朋友,立刻主动提出愿意帮助Toby,给他支支招,写出一份好简历。 Denise: First I need you to tell me what kind of experience you have. Toby: Well I just graduated from college, so I don't have much work experience. Denise: Did you have any part-time jobs in college? Toby: Well, I worked at the campus book store one day per week. Denise: Great! You can say you have lots of sales experience. Professor: So Winnie, how does Toby describe his work experience? 他说,自己刚刚大学毕业,没什么工作经验。不过他以前曾经在学校书店有个part-time job,打过零工,一个礼拜上一天班。 Professor: Exactly. Students have to study a lot, so usually they don't have time for full-time jobs. 不过,Denise好象是个写简历的老手,特别懂得写简历的秘诀! Prof: And what's that? 一个字...吹! 写简历的时候最忌讳谦虚。虽然Toby一个礼拜只上一天班,可Denise却让他在简历中写自己有"extensive experience in sales," - 丰富的销售经验! Denise: So Toby, can you tell me exactly what you did at the book store? Toby: There wasn't much work for me to do, so I just played on the Internet all day. Denise: Oh! So you have strong computer skills! What else did you do? Toby: Hmm .... I also talked with my co-workers a lot. Denise: Great! Strong communication and people skills! Professor: So Winnie, did you hear what Toby did at his job? 他说书店那份工作其实很悠闲,没什么事可做,所以他就成天上网。 Professor: Right. But I'm not sure he should put that on his resume 这个您就别担心啦! 没听Denise说么,在网上瞎逛代表"good computer skills" - 擅长使用电脑。唉,这牛吹的! Professor: I agree. What else did Toby do at his job? 他还老跟同事聊天。不过到Denise嘴里,这也成了优点,叫 good communication and people skills - 良好的沟通和人际交往能力! 我看等这份简历写出来,连Toby自己都不敢相信自己竟然真的这么出色! Denise: Alright, now tell me about your educational experience. Toby: I majored in English. Denise: Well ... did you learn anything about business when you were at college? Toby: Hmm .... well when I graduated, I sold some of my old books to a friend. Denise: Perfect! You have done some sales and have experience in customer service. Toby: Wow! I never realized I had so much work experience! Toby在大学的专业是“英文”。这么说他应该没有学过什么商业管理的知识吧。 Professor: That's true. But did he learn about business in another way? 我可不觉得!不过,Denise真是很会扯,她听说Toby在毕业的时候把几本旧书卖给了朋友,就说他有sales and customer service experience - 销售和客户服务经验! Professor: Well do you think this resume will help Toby get some interviews? 简历写得这么唬人,得到面试的机会八成没问题!不过,等用人单位发现Toby只是在简历上吹牛的时候,大概就离炒他鱿鱼不远了!