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013C 电脑: 高级课程

Professor: Today we're learning some advanced words for talking about online social networking. Chloe is helping Matt build his MyFace page. MyFace一听就知道是社交网站。 Matt: Thanks a lot for helping me build my MyFace profile, Chloe. I'm hoping that it will make me seem a lot cooler than I am in real life. Chloe: Don't worry, Matt. By the time I'm done setting up your online profile, you will be the coolest, most popular guy who ever lived. Matt: Awesome! So what should we do first? Chloe: To start, we need a really cool profile picture. Do you have any pics of you doing something really exciting or funny? Matt: Well .... I do have a great picture of me playing chess. Is that exciting enough? Chloe: That's the most exciting picture you have? I can see I have a lot of work to do. Chloe这下可有的忙了! Matt想当社交网站上的帅哥,Chloe说,第一步是要有一张特别吸引人的头像照片。可是Matt没什么拿得出手的好照片! Professor: That's right. And did you notice how Chloe called the pictures "pics"? On the Internet, photographs are often called p-i-c-s, "pics". 噢," pics" 就是照片。 Chloe: Alright. Next we need to set your status to say that you're in a relationship. Matt: Wait a minute, I don't have a girlfriend. Chloe: I know! But you see, Matt, women only want what they can't have. Being unavailable will only make you more attractive to them. Matt: But what happens after a girl starts to like me? If I ask her out on a date when I have a girlfriend, she will think I'm a creep. Chloe: Don't worry. Then you just change your status to "It's Complicated" and tell her that you're going through a painful breakup, and that you need someone to talk to. Matt: Wow, you're really good at this stuff! 哇, Chloe还真是恋爱专家!她让Matt在网站上写自己有女朋友,这样反而更能获得女孩子的青睐! 因为女人总是越得不到的东西越想要! Professor: Right! But what does she say he should do if a girl starts to like him? 她说,如果有女生看上Matt, Matt就要把感情状况"status"改成"It's complicated",“一言难尽”! 然后告诉对方,自己正在和女友分手。这样一来,就能和对方约会啦! Chloe: Alright, the next thing we have to do is get you a lot of friends. You should send everyone you have ever met a message inviting them to be your friend on MyFace. Matt: But what if I haven't talked to them in years? Isn't that kind of weird? Chloe: Matt, that's not the point! The important thing is that when people look at your MyFace page, they see how popular you are because you have at least 500 friends. Matt: Five hundred friends? But I don't have 500 friends. In fact, I think it's impossible for anyone to have 500 friends. Chloe: Well then, invite people you don't like to be your friends too. It doesn't matter. Matt: Invite people I don't like to be my friends? Man, this social networking stuff is really weird. Chloe还建议Matt在网站上多加好友,好让别人觉得他交友广泛,受欢迎。为了凑数,她甚至让Matt邀请自己讨厌的人。 Professor: That's right. Matt thinks this kind of social networking is really strange. 对啊,本来是社交嘛,为什么要把自己讨厌的人也拉进来呢? Chloe: Alright Matt, we're almost done. But there is one last important thing. Remember to post updates to your status every 15 minutes. Matt: You mean every 15 minutes I should post an update about what I'm doing? What if I'm doing something really boring, like cleaning my apartment? Chloe: It doesn't matter if you're doing something completely uninteresting. Post a message on your Web page so everyone knows what you're doing 24 hours per day. Matt: Wow, this sounds like a lot of work. Maybe I don't really want a MyFace page. Chloe: Oh yes you do! I want to add you to my list of friends. I'm almost to 700! Chloe还让Matt随时随刻把生活中芝麻绿豆的事儿写在网上。我有些朋友就是这样的,哪怕是出门倒垃圾都要写在社交网站上,烦死人了!哎? Professor Bowman, 你干嘛呢? Prof: ....What? Oh, yes! Winnie, (lower voice) I'm updating my Facebook status .... 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。