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013B 电脑: 中级课程

 Chloe家里有很多用不着的东西,她想上网把它们卖了。上次,她的电脑上不了网,东西没卖成。现在,网修好了,Chloe的朋友Matt过来,帮她在网上发帖子卖货。 Professor. That's right, Winnie. Let's hope Matt is more helpful selling things than he was fixing the Internet. Matt: Chloe, you are really lucky that I am here to help you sell this stuff online. I am an expert at this! Chloe: Well you also said you were an expert at fixing my computer, but you couldn't do that at all. Matt: Believe me, this time I mean it. I am going to help you sell your things for a lot of money. Chloe: I guess I have to trust you. I've never posted an advertisement on the Internet before. What should we do first? Matt又来了,说自己是上网卖东西的行家!他一定又在吹牛!对了,Professor, Chloe说,她想在网上 post一则广告。post这个词在这是登的意思吧? Professor: That's right. You can also "post" pictures on a website, or "post" comments on a blog. 在网上登广告、发照片、写评论都可以说post. Matt: The first thing we have to do is decide where to post the ad. Do you want to auction it on eBay? Chloe: Yeah, that sounds good. How do I do that? Matt: Well first you will have to create an account. Then you will have to write a description of the item and upload some pictures. What are you selling? Chloe: I'm selling my bike. I don't ride it very often anymore, but it's still in good condition. Professor Bowman, auction, 是“拍卖”的意思么? Professor: That's exactly right, Winnie. What does Matt say Chloe has to do to auction her bike online? 他说,Chloe可以去拍卖网 - eBay,先注册一个account - 帐号,然后就可以卖她的自行车了。 Professor: Winnie, you can also create other kinds of accounts on the Internet, such as an e-mail account. Matt also says Chloe needs to "upload" some pictures. Do you know what that means? 这个我知道! upload 上传,跟download下载正好相反,卖东西当然最好有照片,所以要upload some pictures上传一些照片。 Matt: You know what else you can do? You can post a link to the bike company's Web site so that people can find more information about it. Chloe: That's a great idea. But how much do you think I should sell it for? Matt: We can search the advertisements for other bicycles on eBay, and see what the asking price is. Chloe: Hey, great idea! You know Matt, you're a lot better at selling things online than you are at fixing computers. Professor: So Winnie, what does Matt say Chloe should post on her advertisement? Matt说,Chloe应该在广告中放个link - 链接,接到自行车厂家的网站,这样,感兴趣的买主就能更多地了解这辆车的情况。 Professor: Right! You can also use the word "link" as a verb, too. For example, you can link from one page to the next by clicking on the link. 哦,link还可以当动词用。对了,professor, 什么是asking price? Professor: It's the original price you ask for, before you start negotiating. 哦,asking price就是卖家开出的要价。 Chloe: Well, it looks like we are finished posting the ad. Do you think I will get many responses? Matt: Maybe. It would also be a good idea to post a link to your ad on your personal Web page. Chloe: Oh yeah, I've got a MyFace page. Maybe some of my friends would want to buy my bike. Matt: Well, post the link and see what happens. MyFace gets a lot of traffic. Professor, Matt说MyFace这个网站gets a lot of "traffic." "traffic"不是指马路上的车么? Professor: Yes, but you can talk about Internet traffic too. 哦, Internet traffic应该就是网站的访问量! Professor, Matt这次好像没吹牛,的确帮了Chloe不少忙。希望Chloe的自行车能很快卖出! Professor: Listen next time to find out! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。