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012A 开车: 初级课程

家住洛杉矶的Phil想趁周末来躺自驾游,去赌城拉斯维加斯享受一番。不过,他得先租辆车。 Professor: Winnie, have you ever gone to Las Vegas? 去过一次。Professor Bowman, 如果我是租车公司老板,一定不愿意把车租给去赌城的人,因为他们可能会连车一起输掉! Phil: Hello, I'd like to rent a car please. Employee: OK, how long do you need it for? Phil: I just need it for the weekend. Employee: Alright, how far will you drive the car? Phil: Umm ... I'm not sure. How far away is Las Vegas? 看来,Phil准备周末打个来回。不过,租车公司的店员为什么要问Phil去哪儿呢?这关她什么事? Professor: Winnie, sometimes if you drive a long distance, it will cost you more money to rent the car. 啊?在租车时,如果开得远就要多交钱?那么,从洛杉矶到拉斯维加斯算不算远呢? Professor: Well, Phil doesn't know how far he has to drive, so he asks the attendant how far away Las Vegas is. Employee: Las Vegas is about 260 miles from here. Is that where you're going? Phil: Yes, so I need a nice car so that I look really cool. Employee: I see .... well would you like a car with a sunroof? Phil: A sunroof? That's not cool enough. I need a convertible. Professor: So Winnie, what kind of car does Phil want to drive to Las Vegas. 他想开一辆酷酷的车!去拉斯维加斯这种花花世界当然得开辆好车了! Professor: Yes, and what kind of car does the rental company employee say he might like? 店员建议Phil租一辆有sunroof - 天窗的车,可他觉得这还不够酷,他要一辆convertible - 敞篷车! 真希望他能把我也带上! Employee: Yes, we have a nice red convertible for an extra 40 dollars per day. Phil: Alright, are there any other taxes or fees? Employee: Not if you remember to fill the car with gas before you return it. Phil: Hmm ... well, this sounds like a pretty good deal. 看来扮酷也是有代价的! 敞篷车每天的租金比普通车高出40美元...不过,想到开着敞篷车,在风中驰骋的感觉,这笔钱,咬咬牙,值了! Professor: Maybe ... but then you wouldn't look very cool if your hair is all messed up by the wind and all the bugs splattered on your face. Professor Bowman,你怎么总要破坏气氛! Professor: Okay, Winnie. So, what does Phil have to do before he returns the car? 店员说,他在还车前要把油加满。除此之外,就没有其它的taxes or fees--税和费用了。Phil觉得这是个good deal,很值,看来他就打算租这辆敞篷车了! Professor: Well, not so fast. Let's see what happens. Phil: Actually, I have one more question. Is the car a manual or an automatic? Employee: It's a manual. Is that alright? Phil: No, I can only drive an automatic. Employee: Well I'm sorry, but all of our convertibles are manuals. Professor: Well Winnie, do you know what the difference between a manual and an automatic car is? 当然知道,manual transmission就是手动换档,人工换档,相反的,an automatic transmission是自动换档的车。可惜,这里所有的敞篷车都是manual的,而Phil只会开automatic。 Phil: Oh no ... all your convertibles are manuals? Well, do you have any other cool cars? Employee: Not really. Our cars are economical, not cool. Phil: Well too bad ... Maybe my friend Tom will let me borrow his convertible. Employee: I'm sorry we couldn't help you. Professor: Winnie, do you know what an economical car is? Economical, e-c-o-n-o-m-i-c-a-l是“经济实惠”的意思,所以economical car就是经济型轿车喽! Professor: That's right! So Phil wants to borrow his friend Tom's convertible. That will be very "economical" for him, and he will look cool. 嗯,这的确是个省钱又扮酷的好主意!就是不知道Tom愿不愿意把自己的敞篷车借给Phil。 Professor: Well, we will have to listen next time to find out! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。