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010B 食物: 中级课程

Professor: Doug and Liz are at a supermarket buying food to cook for dinner. In the last episode they ate a lot of fast food, so now they want to buy some healthy organic food. 不过,professor Bowman, organic food - 有机食品价格比较贵,不知道 Doug和Liz 舍不舍得买。 Professor: Let's listen and find out. Liz: Alright Doug, first we need to buy some produce. What kinds of fruits and vegetables should we get? Doug: Wow, look how big those oranges are! Let's get some of those. Liz: No let's not get those. They put all kinds of artificial things into them to make them grow that big. Let's get some organic ones. Doug: But the organic ones are much smaller and more expensive. Liz: Doug, it's worth it to pay more for healthy food. Doug 想买那些又圆又大的橙子, 可Liz说,这些橙子是人工助长的,不健康,她想买纯天然的有机食品。对了,Professor, 什么是produce? Professor: "Produce" is a general word for fruits and vegetables. If you go to a store and want to buy fruits and vegetables, you can ask where the produce section is. 我明白了,produce就是蔬菜水果这些农产品。 Liz: Alright, next we have to go to the dairy section. We need milk and cheese. Doug: Great! I have a coupon for milk. It's only 2 dollars per gallon! Liz: No way! I want all-natural milk. The Happy Cow Milk Company gives its cows massages every day and lets them listen to music. Doug: Yeah, and it's three times more expensive! Who cares if the cows are really happy and relaxed? Liz: A happy cow is a healthy cow, and a healthy cow produces the best milk! Professor Bowman, dairy在这里是指奶制品吧? Professor: Exactly. And remember, in America, milk is usually sold in gallons. 噢,在美国,牛奶按“gallon”,“加仑”卖。Doug 说,他有一张牛奶的coupon - 优惠券,可是 Liz不要这种便宜牛奶,她要一家给乳牛按摩、听音乐的公司出的牛奶。 Professor: Can you believe that? I think buying organic food is good, but massages for cows are a little ridiculous. Liz: Alright, now let's go get some soap. Can you go get me some all-natural deodorant? Doug: All-natural deodorant? Oh come on, Liz. Deodorants with chemicals in them work much better. Liz: No way! All those chemicals are really bad for your health. I don't want to get cancer. Doug: Yeah, but I don't want to have a girlfriend who smells really bad. Liz, you can buy all-natural food, but I draw the line at personal hygiene. 哇,Liz 连deodorant - 香氛剂都要all-natural - 纯天然。 Professor: She seems to be worried that the chemicals in other deodorants will give her cancer. 可Doug 说“draws the line at personal hygiene”是什么意思呢? Professor: Winnie, when you draw the line at something, it means you will not tolerate it. For example, it's good for people to be nice to their pets, but when they treat them like children, that's where I draw the line. 我明白了, draw the line at something就是“拒绝接受”的意思。Doug 说,Liz可以买全天然食物,但不能买全天然的香氛剂,因为没有化学成分的香氛剂根本不香,Liz会变得臭臭的,Doug可受不了这样的女朋友。 Professor: Exactly. Now let's listen to them paying the cashier. Cashier: Would you like paper or plastic? Doug: We'll take plastic bags. Liz: Doug, what are you doing? We can't use plastic bags. They're bad for the environment! Doug: OK fine. Can you put them in paper bags please? Liz: Doug, paper is bad for the environment too! They have to cut down trees to make paper bags. Doug: Well what are we going to do? We need some kind of bag to bring the groceries home. Liz: Let's buy a cloth bag that's reusable. They're only 10 dollars. Doug: I was afraid you would say that! Professor: So Winnie, why doesn't Liz want to put the groceries in paper or plastic bags? 她觉得塑料袋和纸袋都对环境有害,所以要买个可以反复用的布袋子。Professor,Doug和Liz买这么多菜,不知道会做些什么好吃的! Professor: Listen next time to find out! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。