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008B 坐飞机: 中级课程

Todd圣诞节要回阿拉斯加看望父母,他正在机场过安检。 Professor: In this first part, an airport security guard is telling Todd what to do before he goes through the metal detector and puts his bags through the x-ray machine. Metal detector金属探测器,我最讨厌在机场过这个东西,每次都要脱鞋,解腰带,烦死了! Professor: Well I agree that it's annoying, but aren't you glad the metal detectors keep you safe? 这倒也是,Professor Bowman, 为了安全起见,我们只好作些牺牲了。 Security guard: Excuse me sir! Please make sure to take off your shoes, jacket and belt and put them through the x-ray machine. Todd: OK, just a moment ... Alright, there you go. Security guard: Hmm ... the X-ray machine is showing some strange things in your bag. I'll have to search it. Todd: Sure, go ahead. I don't have any dangerous items on me. Professor Bowman, Todd说 "I don't have any dangerous items on me", 就是说自己身上没有危险物品吧? Professor: That's right. A policeman might ask if you have any weapons on you, or a friend might ask if you have any money on you that he could borrow. Todd最好没有随身带什么违禁物品。 Professor: I hope so too. Let's listen and find out. Security guard: Sir! Have these bags been in your possession at all times? Todd: Yes, I've had them in my sight since I packed them. Security guard: I see ... (he looks through Todd's bag.) And what is this??? You didn't think you could get on the plane with such a dangerous item, did you? Todd: It's just a bottle of water. Security guard: Don't you know people can make bombs out of liquid? You can't take it on the plane. Todd: Well, alright ... I didn't realize liquids aren't allowed on planes. 我还以为安检人员在Todd包里找到了什么危险品呢,原来是一瓶水而已!不过,Professor Bowman, Todd说他的行李一直in his sight, 这是什么意思啊? Professor: It means he's watched the bags closely. You can also say that you won't let something out of your sight. For example, I promise I'll take good care of your children. I won't let them out of my sight. Security guard: Do you have any other dangerous items in your carry-on bags? Todd: I don't think so. What else is considered dangerous? Security guard: Well, you can't have any toothpaste on you. People can make bombs that look like toothpaste too! Todd: Well no, I don't have any toothpaste on me. I packed all of that in my checked bags. 等一下,Professor Bowman, carry-on bags和checked bags有什么区别? Professor: Carry-on bags are the bags that you carry onto the plane. Checked bags are those you hand over to the airlines before boarding a plane. 我明白了,carry-on bags就是随身带上飞机的行李,checked bags则是我们说的托运行李。 Professor: Exactly. The word "check" can also be a verb. For example, an airline worker might tell you that your bag is too big to carry on the plane, so you need to check it. Security guard: Alright, I'm finished searching your belongings. You can go now. Todd: Thanks. Can you tell me which way gate D27 is? Security guard: Gate D27? Sorry, you're in the wrong terminal. This is Terminal 1. You have to go to Terminal 2. Todd: Oh no ... You mean I have to go to Terminal 2 and go through the security check there again? Security guard: That's right. Todd: But that will take another hour! I might miss my flight! Security guard: Too bad. Safety comes first! Wrong terminal? 那就是走错候机楼了?哎呀,Todd可真倒霉,居然走错了候机楼,还要到别的候机楼再过一次安检。不过,我看这个安检人员并不在乎Todd会不会误机。 Professor: That's right. You can say "too bad" whenever somebody tells you about their problem, but you don't really care. 说实话,我还真替Todd捏把冷汗,如果赶不上飞机,错过了圣诞节,他父母一定也会非常难过的! Professor: Well, tune in next time to see if Todd will make the flight! 这次的美语三级跳就播送到这里。