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970 cover one's tracks

上星期我朋友的公司出现了一起风波。一名会计被发现挪用公款。他连续几个月没被发现,因为他做得很隐蔽。我们可以用一个习惯用语来形容他的这种做法。那就是: cover one's tracks.

Cover意思是隐瞒,掩饰,tracks轨迹。连起来,to cover one's tracks, 意思就是掩盖行踪,隐瞒证据。上面的例子中,the accountant was able to cover his tracks for a long time before his scheme was finally discovered. 这位会计长期隐瞒证据,直到他的阴谋被发现。

下面的例子里,一名罪犯越狱之后是如何掩饰自己行踪的呢? 我们赶快来听听看:

例句-1:The prisoner escaped weeks ago. The police had a hard time finding her because she covered her tracks. She was careful not to use her real name and she kept traveling from one state to another. When her photo appeared on TV, a viewer reported seeing her. And she was finally captured.


现在高智商犯罪真是越来越普遍! 很多犯罪分子不但聪明,还会利用高科技手段来掩盖自己的所作所为。我还记得前几年大热的美剧: Prison Break 《越狱》,里面的男主角Michael就是这样,He was able to cover his tracks with a complicated underground maze. 他挖了一条复杂的地下迷宫来掩饰行踪。



例句-2:Mom and dad have no idea that we're organizing a party to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. So far we've been pretty good at covering our tracks. If we let them think that we and the other guests have other plans that weekend, they won't find out what's really happening. Then it'll be a big surprise!


所以说,cover one's tracks也不一定都是干坏事。我同事有一次也给了我这样一个惊喜。他们计划了一次特别的午餐会庆祝我晋升,但是却骗我说这是一次编辑会。They carefully covered their tracks so I didn't find out about the surprise lunch party! 他们小心掩饰,所以我一点也没发现,原来那是一次惊喜午餐会!

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