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235 Calling Customer Service I

Bob给一家软件公司客户服务热线打电话,接电话的是 Gloria. 大家注意听客户服务一上来该怎样说。

Gloria: Good afternoon and thank you for calling GlobalCom's customer hotline. My name is Gloria...how can I be of assistance?

Bob: Hi Gloria. My name is Bob Johnson and I'm calling from New York. My company ordered six packs of Pro 7 design software from your firm, but it has now been a week past the date the items were expected to arrive!

G: Okay sir...do you have the tracking number we sent you by e-mail when you first made the order?

B: Yes I do, and I also have the order number. The tracking number is S-317 and the original order number was 81635K.

Gloria 接起电话先自我介绍,然后问 How can I be of assistance? 有什么可以为您效劳的。原来是Bob的公司订购了一批软件本来应该一个星期以前到,但是到现在还不见踪影。Gloria向Bob索取订货时收到的 tracking number跟单号码。Bob把订货号码order number和跟单号码都告诉了Gloria.

G: Okay, please wait one second while I try to find your order. Alright, I found your order number. Let me confirm the items with you here again: your order was for six packs of Pro 7 design software, correct?

B: Yes, that's correct.

G: Well, it says here that the order was canceled. The items were scheduled to be shipped, but for some reason, a last-minute notation indicates the customer asked to cancel.

B: Well, I'm the customer and I certainly didn't ask to cancel. These software packets are very important to our company. We were scheduled to begin operations of a new design department, but because the items haven't arrived, I've got 10 designers sitting around with nothing to do!

Gloria查询后发现,The order was canceled. 订货取消了。Bob表示不可能,他向Gloria抱怨说,公司新的设计部就等着这批软件开工,如今可好,软件没按时到,害得十个设计师干待着没事干。Gloria 说:

G: I apologize for the mix-up, sir. Would you like me to reschedule a shipping date?

B: Yes, but I think there really should be some form of compensation for this error. I was reading the fine print in your customer contract and it says that if items don't arrive within the scheduled time compensation will be paid.

G: Yes, normally that would be the case, but because the items were canceled we can't be held liable.

B: I don't mean to sound rude, Gloria, but the order was not canceled. Can you produce any evidence to indicate that we sent a message asking for a cancellation?

Gloria对订单出了误会表示抱歉,在这里,mix-up是误会,混乱的意思。Bob觉得,订购的软件没按时到,商家应该赔偿,这在the fine print in the customer contract 购货合同上写得明明白白。Gloria辩解说,一般情况下是这样,Normally that would be the case. 但是订单被取消,就不是他们的责任了,We can't be held liable. be held liable 是被要求负责的意思。Bob据理力争,让Gloria拿出证据来,证明订单确实是Bob所在公司要求取消的。Gloria 能拿得出来证据吗?我们下次继续听。