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This is What's Trending Today ...

The "underdog" Philadelphia Eagles football team has won its first Super Bowl. The team defeated the favored New England Patriots in the National Football League championship Sunday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The final score was 41 to 33.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was named Super Bowl 52's Most Valuable Player, or MVP. Foles was backup quarterback for most of the 17-week regular season. He replaced starter Carson Wentz when he was injured in week 14.
老鹰队四分卫尼克·福尔斯(Nick Foles)被评为第52届超级碗最有价值球员。福尔斯在为期17周的常规赛的大部分时间里都是替补四分卫。他在第14周取代了受伤的首发四分卫卡森· 温兹(Carson Wentz)出战。

The last time a player has gone from a backup at the start of the season to Super Bowl MVP was sixteen years ago. That player was Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Patriots. Brady led his team in play Sunday night also.
上次一名球员从赛季初的替补变为超级碗最有价值球员还是6年之前。那名球员就是爱国者队四分卫汤姆·布雷迪(Tom Brady)。布雷迪周日晚上也带领他的球队参加了比赛。

Foles threw for three touchdowns and even caught the ball in a trick play. Brady dropped a pass in a similar play. However, he broke a Super Bowl record in passing.

Twenty-eight other Super Bowl records were tied or broken during the game. The game was the second highest-scoring Super Bowl ever.

As Brady's final Hail Mary pass dropped on the field, incomplete, Eagles fans flooded the streets of Philadelphia to celebrate the Pennsylvania city's first Super Bowl victory.
由于布雷迪最后一记搏命长传(Hail Mary)没被接住,老鹰队球迷大量涌上费城街头庆祝宾夕法尼亚州赢得首个超级碗。

Hometown newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, reported the scene this way:

"Men hoisted women on their shoulders, a father set off fireworks with his son, and residents clobbered pots and pans... Some people drank champagne. Some cried. And everywhere, Eagles chants thundered through the air."

Some of the celebrations turned ugly, however. People broke windows of a department store and pushed over streetlights at major road crossings. In another incident, a car was overturned outside a hotel. And the mayor's office said police made three arrests in connection with the post-Super Bowl activities.

By the morning light, city workers were out to clean up the mess and prepare for a victory parade on Broad Street.

And that's What's Trending Today.

I'm Caty Weaver.