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Every year, more Americans gather around their televisions to watch the Super Bowl than any other single broadcast.

Last year, almost 112 million viewers watched the New England Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons for the National Football League championship. It was the fifth Super Bowl win for the Patriots.

This Sunday, the Patriots will go for another. They will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, the championship game established in 1967.

Fans and experts consider the Eagles the underdog in the big game, meaning the team is widely expected to lose.

The lack of confidence in the Eagles is partly the result of Tom Brady's great record. The Patriots quarterback has led his team to five Super Bowl wins. He was named Most Valuable Player in three of those championship games. Last year, Brady helped his team recover from a 25-point deficit and win the game. Many consider him the best quarterback of all time.
对老鹰队缺乏信心的部分原因是因为汤姆·布雷迪(Tom Brady)的优秀战绩。这位爱国者队的四分卫带领这支球队五次赢得超级碗,并在其中三次冠军赛上被评为最有价值球员(MVP)。去年,布雷迪帮助球队逆转25分并赢得比赛。很多人认为他是史上最好的四分卫。

Nick Foles is the quarterback for the Eagles. Foles had a poor 2015 season with the St. Louis Rams and thought about retiring from the game. Last year, he joined the Eagles as a back-up quarterback. When starting quarterback Carson Wentz injured his knee, Foles took his place.
尼克·福尔斯(Nick Foles)是老鹰的四分卫。福尔斯2015赛季在圣路易斯公羊队表现糟糕,想到了退役。去年,他作为替补四分卫加入了老鹰队。当首发四分卫卡森·温兹(Carson Wentz)膝盖受伤时,福尔斯取代了他的位置。

The Eagles under Foles, however, seem to enjoy being the underdog. After defeating the heavily favored Atlanta Falcons 15-10 in a playoff game, two Eagles players walked off the field wearing dog masks. One of them jokingly told reporters, "I don't know if you heard: There was a little narrative this week that the media was pushing that evidently we were, like, not favored?"

The team then encouraged its fans to wear dog masks themselves to the next game. The "underdog" Eagles went on to beat the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 38 to 7. That win earned the Eagles its place in Super Bowl 52.

The Super Bowl broadcast is not only about the game, however. Many who watch are more interested in the half-time entertainment and the funny commercials aired during the game.

Singer Justin Timberlake is the star performer this year. It will be his third time on the Super Bowl stage.
歌手贾斯汀·汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)是今年的表演嘉宾。这将是他第三次站上超级碗的舞台。

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots have faced each other once before in a Super Bowl. The Patriots won that 2005 NFL championship game, 24 to 21.

Only one person who played then will return to the field this Sunday: New England Patriot Tom Brady.

The Eagles are hoping for a different result this time.

I'm Caty Weaver.