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  1. Schools Feel Effects of Weak Economy, High Fuel Prices as Classes Begin (08-9-1)
  2. Democrats Gather in Denver to Nominate Obama and Biden (08-8-25)
  3. America's 'Lost Colony': A Story Whose Ending Remains to Be Written (08-8-18)
  4. C.F. Martin Guitar Company Still Making Music and Money at 175 Years Old (08-8-11)
  5. The Drive That Separates a Biker From a Motorcyclist (08-8-4)
  6. US Supreme Court: When Society Needs Answers, if Only on a 5-to-4 Vote (08-7-28)
  7. What Is Your Favorite Song About Summer? (08-7-21)
  8. St. Louis: 'Gateway to the West,' Hometown of Budweiser (08-7-14)
  9. 'The Migration Series' by Jacob Lawrence Shows an Important Period in American History (08-7-7)
  10. 'New Birth of Freedom' Guides New Museum of Gettysburg Battle (08-6-30)
  11. In 1968, Americans Kept Wondering: What More Could Happen Next? (08-6-23)
  12. From Folk Music to Rock, Bob Dylan Has Always Followed His Own Path (08-6-16)
  13. Bob Dylan: His Musical Roots, and His Education in Greenwich Village (08-6-9)
  14. If You Love Lucy and the Three Stooges, Then These Museums Are for You (08-6-2)
  15. Six Men, a World War, a Pacific Island, and an Image for All Time (08-5-26)
  16. Inside the Complex Worlds of Deafness and Deaf Culture in America (08-5-19)
  17. Coming Down to the Finish Line for a Race That Is About to Begin (08-5-12)
  18. Beyond Country Roads: Exploring the Wild and Wonderful of West Virginia (08-5-5)
  19. All That Jazz, From a Man Named Dave Brubeck (08-4-28)
  20. So What's the Story? News Museum Hopes Crowds Will Care to Find Out (08-4-21)
  21. New York Yankees Saying Goodbye to Famed Ballpark, but Won't Be Going Far (08-4-14)
  22. A Visit to the Historic City of Philadelphia (08-4-7)
  23. Want to Be a Foreign Exchange Student? First Do Some Homework (08-3-31)
  24. Songs About Spring Can Be Happy or Sad (08-3-24)
  25. President Lincoln's Cottage: A Visit to a 19th Century Camp David (08-3-17)
  26. With All the Talk About Illegal Immigration, a Look at the Legal Kind (08-3-10)
  27. A Nation of Immigrants, Divided Over the Subject of Immigration (08-3-3)
  28. Snow Business in US: Skiing Into the World of Winter Wonderlands (08-2-25)
  29. A House Big and White, and About to Get New Occupants in January (08-2-18)
  30. Cormac McCarthy and Thomas McGuane Write Stories Set in the American West (08-2-11)
  31. On Super Tuesday, Presidential Candidates Aim for a Huge Prize (08-2-4)
  32. Songs About Winter Are Lovely but Sad (08-1-28)
  33. The American Library of Congress Has Chosen 25 More Films for Its National Film Registry Collection (08-1-21)
  34. Kids, Before the Age of TV There Was a Funny Thing Called Radio (08-1-14)
  35. Annie Leibovitz Has Been Photographing Famous People for 35 Years (08-1-7)
  36. Music to Ring in the New Year (07-12-31)
  37. This Year, Some Traditional and Modern Sounds for the Holidays (07-12-24)
  38. Getting a Feel for the Finger Lakes and Champlain, Not a Great Lake but Still Nice (07-12-17)
  39. A Quilt Exhibit Pieces Together a Story About American History (07-12-10)
  40. How a Chemist Gets a Reaction From a Class of English Learners (07-12-3)
  41. Every Year the Kennedy Center Honors Five Artists for a Lifetime of Excellence (07-11-26)
  42. American Civics: Law, History and Political Science Combined (07-11-19)
  43. Alaska's Call of the Wild Leads Visitors to the Last Frontier (07-11-12)
  44. For Veterans, Pride in Service, and Health Systems Pushed to Limits (07-11-5)
  45. What Is Your Favorite Song About Autumn? (07-10-29)
  46. Dancers, Artists and Merry-Go-Round Lovers Can All Enjoy This Park (07-10-22)
  47. Going the Distance, Coast to Coast and Border to Border, on America's Highways (07-10-15)
  48. A Few Steps Up From Fast Food, and Down the Road From Fine Dining, Lies the Diner (07-10-8)
  49. Seeing the Sights (the Ones Above Water, at Least) for an Afternoon on the Chesapeake Bay (07-10-1)
  50. 'West Side Story': Love, Hate and the Immigrant Experience (07-9-24)
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