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  1. Epilepsy: A Sometimes Misunderstood Seizure Disorder in Millions (07-9-11)
  2. Finders of Two Fossils in Kenya Call for Rewrite of Human Evolution (07-9-4)
  3. Obesity as a Social Disease? How Friendship Could Be Fattening (07-8-28)
  4. Six Diseases of the Liver, Six Different Viruses, One Name: Hepatitis (07-8-21)
  5. Scientists Receive National Medals of Science and Technology (07-8-14)
  6. How Sigmund Freud Changed What People Thought (07-8-7)
  7. Parkinson's Disease: Exploring the Mystery of a Movement Disorder (07-7-31)
  8. Science and Beauty Come Together at the US Botanic Garden in Washington (07-7-24)
  9. 'Dreamliner' Is Boeing's Most Popular New Plane, Even Before First Flight (07-7-17)
  10. What You Can Do to Prevent Health Problems While Traveling (07-7-10)
  11. Heat May Be Nature's Deadliest Killer (07-7-3)
  12. Safety Concerns Put Pressure on US Food and Drug Officials, Congress (07-6-26)
  13. How a Revolution in Thought Shook Scientists' Understanding of Earth (07-6-19)
  14. Scientists Confirm Case of Shark That Reproduced Without Mating (07-6-12)
  15. A UN Report Suggests Steps to Reduce Gases Linked to Climate Change (07-6-5)
  16. A New Report says Arctic Sea Ice is Melting More Quickly Than Scientists Had Thought (07-5-29)
  17. Using a Story to Teach Children How They Can Help Prevent Bird Flu (07-5-22)
  18. Looking at Mosquitoes as a Way to Fight Malaria Instead of Spreading It (07-5-15)
  19. Research Shows How Fishing for Sharks Also Affects Other Sea Animals (07-5-8)
  20. Stopping Bird Flu by Spreading Knowledge About Protective Steps (07-5-1)
  21. Tuberculosis Can Be Cured, But It Must Be Treated the Right Way (07-4-24)
  22. World Health Experts Report Progress in Fight Against Tuberculosis (07-4-17)
  23. On Its Way to Pluto, Spacecraft Gets a Good Look at Jupiter (07-4-10)
  24. Feeling Happy in Your Skin? Good, But Still You Should Keep an Eye on It (07-4-3)
  25. Millions of New Genes and Many New Proteins Are Found in Ocean Water (07-3-27)
  26. Stopping Bird Flu (07-3-20)
  27. Compulsive Hoarding: When Collecting Things Turns Into a Mental Disorder (07-3-13)
  28. International Study Shows That Many Genes Could Be Involved in Autism (07-3-6)
  29. Polar Research to Look for Answers About Climate Change and the Environment (07-2-27)
  30. Scientists Study Children Who Feel No Pain (07-2-20)
  31. From Asia to Europe to Africa, Trying to Stop the Spread of Deadly Bird Flu (07-2-13)
  32. New Blood Test Can Show Patient's Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke (07-2-6)
  33. When It Comes to Learning, Babies Found to Hit the Ground Running (07-1-30)
  34. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Snow (07-1-23)
  35. Alzheimer's disease -- The Most Common Form of Dementia, Affecting Millions of People Around the World (07-1-16)
  36. Sharks and People: Guess Which One Is in More Danger From the Other (07-1-9)
  37. Science 2006: The Year in Medicine, Space and the Environment (07-1-2)
  38. Pfizer Halts Testing of New Cholesterol Drug Because of Dangers (06-12-19)
  39. Aspirin: How Research Keeps Giving New Life to an Ancient Medicine (06-12-12)
  40. Tension, Migraine and Cluster: Getting to the Root of a Headache (06-12-5)
  41. So You Want to Make Your Mother Proud? Becoming a Doctor (06-11-28)
  42. Autoimmune Diseases Threaten The Body's Natural Defense For Fighting Disease (06-11-21)
  43. Learning the Basics of First Aid: What to Do Until Medical Help Arrives (06-11-14)
  44. Flight to Service Hubble Telescope Could Take Place in Early 2008 (06-11-7)
  45. A Taxi at 12,000 Meters? New Mini Jets Are About to Shake Up World of Air Travel (06-10-31)
  46. Experts Call for Continued Efforts to Protect Children Against Polio Danger (06-10-24)
  47. Americans Win All the Nobel Prizes for Science in Two Thousand Six (06-10-17)
  48. Study Finds Rise in Allergic Diseases in Children Worldwide (06-10-10)
  49. Six Medical Researchers Who Gave All to Their Work; in Some Cases, Even Their Lives (06-10-3)
  50. Health Officials Seek Ways to Fight Extreme Drug-Resistant TB (06-9-26)
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