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  1. 'This Land Is Your Land': The Life, Music and Politics of Woody Guthrie (06-8-13)
  2. Woody Guthrie: Singing the Songs of "Dust Bowl Refugees" (06-8-6)
  3. Betty Friedan: How She Was a Leader in the Modern Women's Rights Movement in the U.S. (06-7-30)
  4. Jacob Riis: A Reporter and Writer Who Worked to Make New York City a Better Place for the Poor (06-7-23)
  5. 'In Cold Blood': How Truman Capote Invented the Nonfiction Novel (06-7-16)
  6. Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Pilot and Writer of What Book Critics Considered 'Small Works of Art' (06-7-9)
  7. Todd Duncan Broke Race Barriers with Music (06-7-2)
  8. Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross: A Life of Caring for Others (06-6-25)
  9. Milton Hershey Created a Successful Business and Built A Sweet Town (06-6-18)
  10. Celia Cruz: The Singer Was Known as the 'Queen of Salsa' (06-6-11)
  11. Ralph Ellison's 1952 Book, "Invisible Man," Won Awards and is Still Discussed Today (06-6-4)
  12. Scott Joplin: The King of Ragtime Music (06-5-28)
  13. Photographer Margaret Bourke-White Helped Create the Modern Art of Photojournalism (06-5-21)
  14. Photographer Margaret Bourke-White was one of the leading news reporters of the twentieth century (06-5-14)
  15. Eugene McCarthy: His Campaign for President in 1968 Forced a President From Office (06-5-7)
  16. Country and Western Singer Hank Williams Wrote Songs About Love and Heartbreak (06-4-30)
  17. Mae West: The Wild Woman of Film and Stage (06-4-23)
  18. Andy Warhol: The Father of Pop Art (06-4-16)
  19. Writer Zora Neale Hurston told About African-American Life in the South (06-4-9)
  20. American Baseball Legend Babe Ruth (06-4-2)
  21. Duke Ellington: One of the Most Popular Musicians of the Twentieth Century (06-3-26)
  22. Duke Ellington and His Jazz Orchestra Were Famous Around the World (06-3-19)
  23. Susan Sontag: One of America's Most Influential 20th-Century Thinkers (06-3-12)
  24. Winslow Homer: America's Painter (06-3-5)
  25. Radio Pioneers Pulled Words, Music and World Events Out of Thin Air (06-2-26)
  26. Mark Twain: One of America's Best Known and Best Loved Writers (06-2-19)
  27. Shirley Horn: One of the Great Jazz Singers of the 1950s and 1960s (06-2-12)
  28. Diane Arbus: Revolutionary Photographer of Unusual People (06-2-5)
  29. F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'Great Gatsby': A Great Event in U.S. Literature (06-1-29)
  30. F. Scott Fitzgerald Wrote About the "Roaring Twenties," the Greatest Party in American History (06-1-22)
  31. Marian Anderson: 75 Thousand People Heard Her Sing at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (06-1-15)
  32. Marian Anderson: Her Voice Became Famous Around the World (06-1-8)
  33. We Profile Five Special People Who Died This Year (05-12-18)
  34. Percival Lowell's Work Led to the Discovery of the Planet Pluto  (05-12-11)
  35. Janis Joplin: One of the Most Famous Voices in American Rock Music (05-12-4)
  36. George Abbott Was Known as 'Mister Broadway' (05-11-27)
  37. Rosa Parks: Mother of the American Civil Rights Movement (05-11-20)
  38. James Rouse was a land developer who built shopping malls and a planned city near Washington, D.C. (05-11-13)
  39. Ann Landers Gave Advice to Newspaper Readers Across America (05-11-6)
  40. Halloween is a good time to celebrate the stories of Edgar Allan Poe (05-10-30)
  41. Bessie Coleman Was the First African-American Female Pilot (05-10-23)
  42. Jackson Pollock Invented a New Kind of Painting That Changed the Way People Looked at Art (05-10-16)
  43. Writer Willa Cather Celebrated Europeans Who Settled in the American Midwest (05-10-9)
  44. Country and Western Singer Roger Miller Had Many Hit Songs (05-10-2)
  45. Willis Conover Brought Jazz, the Music of Freedom to the World (05-9-25)
  46. Arthur Ashe: Tennis Champion and Civil Rights Activist (05-9-18)
  47. Writer Dorothy West: Last Living Member of the Harlem Renaissance (05-9-11)
  48. Cesar Chavez Organized the First Successful Farm Workers Union in America (05-9-4)
  49. Activist for Women's Rights Was Known for Her Strong Opinions, and Large Hats (05-8-28)
  50. Louis Khan Helped Define Modern Architecture (05-8-21)
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