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  1. New Seven Wonders of the World Are Announced After Voting Campaign (07-7-11)
  2. Amelia Earhart, 1897-1937: First Woman to Fly Alone Across the Atlantic (07-7-4)
  3. The 'Mercury 13': Women Who Chased a Dream but Never Got to Become Astronauts (07-6-27)
  4. Record Number of Climbers Reach Top of World's Highest Mountain (07-6-20)
  5. Good to the Last Drop: Coffee Culture Is Alive and Well in the US (07-6-13)
  6. National Wildlife Refuge System: Protecting America's Furred and Feathered Friends (07-6-6)
  7. What Keeps Works of Shakespeare So Alive and Well After 400 Years? (07-5-30)
  8. All the World Still a Stage for Shakespeare's Timeless Imagination (07-5-23)
  9. Charles Lindbergh Flew to Paris, and Into the History Books, 80 Years Ago (07-5-16)
  10. Have an Active Interest in Volcanoes? Then One Place to Look Around Is Hawaii (07-5-9)
  11. Discoveries Throw New Light on Stonehenge, but Mysteries Remain (07-5-2)
  12. The Tuskegee Airmen: First African-Americans Trained As Fighter Pilots (07-4-25)
  13. Eleanor Creesy Helped Guide One of the Fastest Sailing Ships Ever Built (07-4-18)
  14. Exploring the Richly Detailed History and Art of Woodworking (07-4-11)
  15. Welcome to Death Valley, a Land of Extremes That Has Earned Its Name (07-4-4)
  16. Arizona's Grand Canyon: Stepping Out Over a True Wonder of the World (07-3-28)
  17. Self-Taught Artists Around the World Create Powerful and Unusual Art (07-3-21)
  18. Bungee Jumping: Stretching the Limits of Fear, Just for Fun (07-3-14)
  19. International Women's Day Observes the Struggle for Equality, Justice, Peace and Development (07-3-7)
  20. Hoover Dam: Controlling the Colorado River and Sending Power to Millions (07-2-28)
  21. Eye to Eye With an Elephant, and Watching for Hungry Crocs, on Safari in Africa (07-2-21)
  22. Press Freedom: Is It Alive and Well in the World? (07-2-14)
  23. New Interests Help Older Adults Keep Mentally Active and Learn About the World (07-2-7)
  24. Learning at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. (07-1-31)
  25. Older People Go Back to College to Learn New Things, Get Fresh Start (07-1-24)
  26. For Older Adults, Many Chances to Make Learning Into a Lifelong Activity (07-1-17)
  27. For People Over 55, the World Is a Classroom Through Elderhostel (07-1-10)
  28. Jewelry Making Through the Ages: Ancient Artistry Meets a Modern Eye (07-1-3)
  29. From Clay to Art: Exploring the World of Ceramics (06-12-27)
  30. Exploring the Art of Printmaking Across History and Across the World (06-12-20)
  31. From the Maya Pyramids to the Old City of Jerusalem to the Internet: New 'Wonders' (06-12-13)
  32. More Than Two Centuries Later, Mozart's Music Remains Full of Life (06-12-6)
  33. Edwin Hubble Changed Our Ideas About the Universe and Its Birth (06-11-29)
  34. Among the Shooters of the Old West, They Were Two of the Most Feared (06-11-22)
  35. American History: When Gunfighters Ruled the Streets of the Wild West (06-11-15)
  36. Getting a Good Look: Learning About Mars From the Ground Up (06-11-8)
  37. Four National Parks in Utah Where You Can Find Arches, Hoodoos and an Island in the Sky (06-11-1)
  38. Using Independent Courts and a Free Media to Fight Corruption (06-10-25)
  39. The Mystery of Dreams (06-10-18)
  40. How the Distant World of Eris Caused Big Changes Here on Earth (06-10-11)
  41. Pirates May Be Popular in Books and Movies, But Piracy Remains a Threat (06-10-4)
  42. Look Around and You Can See This Art for Free on Streets Around the World (06-9-27)
  43. Women Have Been Leaders in Science Around the World and Throughout History (06-9-20)
  44. Street-Wise: Building Houses That Are Healthier for People and the Planet (06-9-13)
  45. Days of Apollo: Collecting Rocks, and Making History, on the Moon (06-9-6)
  46. 'Houston, We've Had a Problem Here': The Survival of Apollo 13 (06-8-30)
  47. 'That's One Small Step ...': The Story of the First Humans to Walk on the Moon (06-8-23)
  48. Spaceflight History: Excitement and Tragedy on Road to the Moon (06-8-16)
  49. 1965: Two Gemini Craft Meet in Space, Another Step on Way to Moon (06-8-9)
  50. 'The Greatest Experience': Ed White Goes for the First American Walk in Space (06-8-2)
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