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  1. 周一的川普-克林顿辩论可能成为竞选的决定性时刻 Monday's Trump-Clinton Debate Could be Defining Moment in Presidential Campaign (16-9-27)
  2. 美洲持续最长的战争以签署和平协议告终 The Americas' Longest War to End with Peace Accord (16-9-27)
  3. 巴以领导人在联大会上唇枪舌剑 Israeli,Palestinian Leaders Clash at UN General Assembly (16-9-24)
  4. 抗议者无视夏洛特市因警察开枪事件实施的宵禁 Curfew for Protesters in Charlotte Over Police Shooting Defied (16-9-24)
  5. 普京真有20亿美元的秘密资产吗? Has Putin Amassed $2 Billion in Secret Wealth? (16-9-23)
  6. 夏洛特市连续第二晚发生暴力冲突 Charlotte Sees 2nd Night of Violence (16-9-23)
  7. 美国总统候选人辩论话题揭晓 US Presidential Debate Topics Announced (16-9-22)
  8. 调查人员说纽约爆炸嫌疑人曾在eBay上购买炸弹组件 Investigators Say New York Bomb Suspect Bought Parts on eBay (16-9-22)
  9. 美国错误批准几百名移民的美国公民身份 US Mistakenly Grants Citizenship to Hundreds of Immigrants (16-9-21)
  10. 美国说俄罗斯必须证明叙利亚停火能够奏效 US Says Russia Must Show Syria Cease-fire Can Work (16-9-21)
  11. 美国促朝鲜认真对待事态发展 US Urges North Korea to Get Serious (16-9-20)
  12. 调查人员搜查纽约爆炸嫌疑人 Investigators Search for Suspects in New York Bombing (16-9-20)
  13. 川普改弦易辙,承认奥巴马生于美国 Trump Reverses Course,Admits Obama Was Born in US (16-9-17)
  14. 国际法院准备受理环境犯罪案件 International Court to Prosecute Environmental Crimes (16-9-17)
  15. 美奥运选手对个人医疗信息被俄罗斯泄漏做出回应 US Olympic Athletes Respond to Russian Disclosures of Their Private Medical Information (16-9-16)
  16. 奥巴马:美国准备取消对缅甸的制裁 Obama:US Prepared to Lift Sanctions on Myanmar (16-9-16)
  17. 奥巴马计划在2017年接纳更多难民 Obama Wants Large Refugee Intake Increase in 2017 (16-9-15)
  18. 克林顿突发肺炎后准备重返总统竞选活动 Clinton to Resume Campaigning After Bout With Pneumonia (16-9-15)
  19. 叙利亚宰牲节停火,零星战斗仍在继续 Eid Cease-fire in Syria Brings Widespread Calm but Some Fighting Continues (16-9-14)
  20. 克林顿称自己感觉良好,正从肺炎中康复 Clinton Says She Feels Fine and Is Getting Better as She Recovers from Pneumonia (16-9-14)
  21. 韩国:朝鲜下一次核试验随时可能发生 South Korea: Next North Korean Nuclear Test Could Come Any Time (16-9-13)
  22. 纪念911之际美国仍受恐怖威胁 Terrorist Threat Persists as 9/11 Attacks Remembered (16-9-13)
  23. 川普与希拉里在国家安全问题上相互抨击 Trump, Clinton Viciously Attack Each Other on National Security (16-9-10)
  24. 美俄围绕叙利亚战争恢复高级别面对面外交接洽 US, Russia Resume High-Level Face-to-Face Diplomacy on Syria War (16-9-10)
  25. 克林顿:“稳健”是美国总统最重要的品质 Clinton:'Steadiness' is Most Important Characteristic of US President (16-9-9)
  26. 美国指责俄罗斯黑海上空危险拦截 US Accuses Russia of an Unsafe Aerial Intercept over the Black Sea (16-9-9)
  27. 川普:美国人不能承担难民潮的风险 Trump:Americans Cannot Risk a Flow of Refugees (16-9-8)
  28. 联合国安理会强烈谴责朝鲜发射导弹 UN Security Council Denounces N.Korean Missile Launches (16-9-8)
  29. 美国老挝弥合历史创伤开启新的关系 US,Laos Open New Ties With Desire to 'Heal Wounds of the Past' (16-9-7)
  30. 伊斯兰国声称对叙利亚造成数十人丧生的多起爆炸负责 Islamic State Claims Syria Explosions That Killed Dozens (16-9-7)
  31. 美增加制裁俄37个在乌克兰与克里米亚活动的个人与公司 US Sanctions 37 New Individuals and Firms Operating in Ukraine and Crimea (16-9-3)
  32. 委内瑞拉抗议者首都游行要求公投罢免马杜罗 Protesters March Through Caracas Demanding Recall Vote for Maduro (16-9-3)
  33. 韩国称朝鲜处决了前副总理金勇进 North Korean Vice Premier Executed,South Korea Says (16-9-1)
  34. 川普发表移民政策讲话之前将前往墨西哥 Trump Heads to Mexico Before Giving Immigration Speech (16-9-1)
  35. 印防长跟五角大楼签署重要后勤补给协议 Indian Defense Minister Signs Major Logistics Agreement With Pentagon (16-8-31)
  36. 古巴准备迎接第一架美国航班的到来 Cuba Prepares for First US Flight to the Island (16-8-31)
  37. 川普在多为白人的集会上吁求黑人的支持 Donald Trump Appealing for Black Support at Mostly White Rallies (16-8-30)
  38. 伊朗逮捕一名曾参与伊朗重大核协议谈判的“间谍” Iran Arrests a 'Spy' Who Helped Negotiate a Landmark Nuclear Deal (16-8-30)
  39. 美国:美伊舰船波斯湾“危险“相遇,美舰开火示警 US:Navy Ships Fired Warning Shots After 'Unsafe' Encounters with Iranian Vessels (16-8-27)
  40. 索马里军队结束对餐厅的包围 Somali Forces End Restaurant Siege (16-8-27)
  41. 阿富汗大学遭袭击,至少十人死亡,30人受伤 At Least 10 Dead,30 Wounded as Afghanistan University Attack Ends (16-8-26)
  42. 拜登:美将倾听土要引渡居伦的每一件证据 Biden:US Will Listen to 'Every Scrap of Evidence' in Gulen Extradition Request (16-8-26)
  43. 土耳其向土叙边界伊斯兰国和库尔德目标发动进攻 Turkey Targets Islamic State,Kurds Along Syrian Border (16-8-25)
  44. 意大利中部发生地震,至少37人丧生 Earthquake Hits Central Italy,at Least 37 Dead (16-8-25)
  45. 川普要求特别检察官调查克林顿基金会 Trump Demands Special Prosecutor Investigate Clinton Foundation (16-8-24)
  46. 韩联社:朝鲜召唤其外交官子女回国 Yonhap:North Korea Summons Diplomats' Children to Return Home (16-8-24)
  47. 美韩开始年度联合军演,朝鲜反应强烈 US, South Korea Begin Annual Military Drill, Despite Threats from Pyongyang (16-8-23)
  48. 中国量子卫星发射成功,通讯安全大步提升 China Launches Satellite it Hopes Is Hack-proof (16-8-20)
  49. 叙利亚空袭中受伤男孩照片抓住人心 Iconic Photo of Boy Injured in Syrian Airstrike Captures the Attention of the World (16-8-20)
  50. 川普后悔自己在竞选活动中“用词不当” Trump 'Regrets' Not Using 'Right Words' During Campaign (16-8-20)