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  1. 朝鲜导弹落在日本水域 North Korean Missiles Land in Japanese Waters (17-3-7)
  2. 联邦调查局局长要求司法部对奥巴马窃听川普之说提出异议 FBI Chief Asks Justice Dept to Dispute Trump's Accusations of Obama-Era Wiretap (17-3-7)
  3. 美司法部长塞申斯回避有关俄罗斯插手选举的调查 Attorney General Sessions Recuses Himself in Russian Election Meddling (17-3-4)
  4. 川普参观造价130亿美元战舰,承诺增加国防预算 Trump Tours $13 Billion Warship, Touts Boost in Defense Spending (17-3-4)
  5. 马来西亚将驱逐因金正男机场遇害事件被拘的朝鲜人 Malaysia to Deport North Korean Held in Airport Killing (17-3-3)
  6. 报道:奥巴马政府官员保护有关俄罗斯影响美国大选的情报 Report: Obama Officials Worked to Protect Russia Election Hacking Intelligence (17-3-3)
  7. 川普国会演讲提倡积极变革 Trump Calls for Aggressive Change in Speech to Congress (17-3-2)
  8. 川普提名的国家情报总监将俄罗斯列为威胁 Trump’s Pick for Intelligence Chief Cites Russia Threat (17-3-2)
  9. 马来西亚将就金正男暗杀案提出指控 Malaysia to File Murder Charges in North Korean's Killing (17-3-1)
  10. 美国上诉法庭拒绝按川普的要求暂时搁置旅行禁令案 US Appeals Court Rejects Trump Request to Put Travel Ban Case on Hold (17-3-1)
  11. 印尼警方在西爪哇岛击毙炸弹袭击嫌疑人 Indonesian Police Kill Suspected Bomber on West Java Island (17-2-28)
  12. 川普要求增加军费,削减国务院开支 Trump Asking For Boost in Pentagon Spending, Cuts at State Department (17-2-28)
  13. 墨西哥领导人对美官员表示“担忧和不满” Mexican Leaders Tell US Cabinet Members About 'Worry and Irritation' (17-2-25)
  14. 美国支持的伊拉克部队控制摩苏尔机场 US-backed Iraqi Forces Take Control of Mosul Airport (17-2-25)
  15. 墨西哥总统将与两名川普内阁高官会面 Mexico’s President to Meet Two Trump Emissaries (17-2-24)
  16. 叙利亚和谈无望出现突破 No Breakthrough Expected in Upcoming Syrian Peace Talks (17-2-24)
  17. 香港前特首因腐败罪名被判刑 Ex-Hong Kong Leader Sentenced on Corruption Charges (17-2-23)
  18. 黑利:美国承诺与欧洲盟国的合作 Haley: US Committed to European Allies (17-2-23)
  19. 川普任命军事战略家为国家安全顾问 Trump Names Army Strategist as National Security Adviser (17-2-22)
  20. 罗马的天主教与犹太博物馆史无前例举行联展 Vatican, Rome's Jews to Hold Unprecedented Joint Art Exhibit (17-2-22)
  21. 美国副总统彭斯安抚欧洲:美国仍是坚定盟友 VP Pence Reassures Europe US Remains Staunch Ally (17-2-21)
  22. 金正男之死引发朝鲜和马来西亚间纷争 North Korea, Malaysia at Odds Over Death of Kim Jong Un's Brother (17-2-21)
  23. 川普在记者会上捍卫政绩批评媒体 Trump Defends Accomplishments, Attacks Media at Press Conference (17-2-18)
  24. 美议员被告知:几乎所有无证移民都可能成为被驱逐对象 Members of US Congress Told Almost All Undocumented Immigrants 'Fair Game' (17-2-18)
  25. 金正男被刺案又一人被捕 Second Arrest in Kim Jong Nam Death (17-2-17)
  26. 美国零售业及通胀率均有所上扬 US Retail Sales and Inflation Rise (17-2-17)
  27. 金正男之死可能是朝鲜政府支持的暗杀 Kim Jong Nam Death Likely a North Korean Sanctioned Assassination (17-2-16)
  28. 美国官员:俄罗斯违反导弹条约 US Official: Russia Violated Missile Treaty (17-2-16)
  29. 川普的国家安全顾问辞职 Trump's National Security Advisor Resigns (17-2-15)
  30. 美国在对非法移民的突袭中逮捕680多人 Over 680 Migrants Arrested in U.S. Immigration Raids (17-2-15)
  31. 秘鲁总统要求美国驱逐其前任总统 Peru’s President Asked Trump to Deport a Predecessor (17-2-14)
  32. 川普和特鲁多将首次白宫会谈 Trump and Trudeau Set For 1st White House Talks (17-2-14)
  33. 上诉庭拒绝恢复川普总统的旅行限令 Appeals Court Panel Refuses to Reinstate Trump Travel Ban (17-2-11)
  34. 川普尊重“一个中国”政策 Trump to Honor 'One China' Policy (17-2-11)
  35. 俄罗斯反对派领导人被判5年缓刑 Russian Opposition Leader Given Five-Year Suspended Sentence (17-2-10)
  36. 川普称寻求与中国的“建设性关系” Trump Seeks 'Constructive Relationship' With China (17-2-10)
  37. 美联邦上诉法院本周将对旅行限令作出裁决 Appeals Court Likely Decides on Trump Travel Ban Case Soon (17-2-9)
  38. 川普争议性教育部长人选宣誓就任 Trump's Controversial Education Pick Swears In (17-2-9)
  39. 川普重申美国对北约的支持 Trump Affirms US Support for NATO (17-2-8)
  40. 美司法部提上诉要求恢复川普旅行限令 US Justice Department Files Brief with Appeals Court to Reinstate Trump Travel Ban (17-2-8)
  41. 世卫组织及医学专家警告亚洲医疗费用上升 WHO, Medical Experts, Warn of Rising Health Costs in Asia (17-2-7)
  42. 联合国:阿富汗冲突造成儿童年度伤亡人数猛增百分之24 UN Says Annual Afghan Child Casualties Rose By 24 Percent (17-2-7)
  43. 美国谴责俄罗斯在乌东地区的“侵略行径” US Condemns Russia’s ‘Aggressive Actions’ in E. Ukraine (17-2-4)
  44. 川普警告伊朗:美国回应手段没有限制 Trump: Nothing 'Off the Table' in Responding to Iran's Missile Launch (17-2-4)
  45. 白宫对伊朗导弹试射发出警告 White House Warns Iran Against Missile Launch (17-2-3)
  46. 以色列强拆约旦河西岸非法犹太人定居点 Israel to Bulldoze Illegal Jewish Settlement in West Bank (17-2-3)
  47. 美国参议院批准赵小兰任美国运输部长 US Senate Approves Chao to Lead Transportation Department (17-2-2)
  48. 前联合国秘书长潘基文不会竞选韩国总统 Former UN Chief Ban Not Running for South Korea President (17-2-2)
  49. 魁北克清真寺枪击案:加拿大学生被起诉 Canadian Student Charged with Quebec City Mosque Shooting (17-2-1)
  50. 联合国安理会将就伊朗导弹试射召开会议 UN Security Council to Meet on Iran Missile Test (17-2-1)